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D39C Collaborative Volunteer Interest Page Field Definitions

As you are filling out the D39C Collaborative Volunteer Interest data, you may have questions regarding what things mean.  This page is an attempt to explain each field in further detail.

Please reach out to the Collaborative Volunteer Coordinators if you have further questions.

Core Volunteer Information
First Name.  The volunteer’s first name.  You can use your legal or preferred name.

Last Name.  The volunteer’s last/family/surname.

Mail.  The volunteer’s primary email address.  Please use one you check regularly.

Phone.  The volunteer’s phone number.

Mobile Phone?  Check the box if the phone number your provided is to a mobile phone and can receive SMS (text) messages.

Permission to Contact.  Check this  you give the Collaborative permission to contact you via email or mobile device in the event there is a need to.  This will not be used as a marketing (spam) channel, but an expedited method of communication directly with you when the need arises.

Level of Clearance. If you are not sure, please select Do Not Know. You can also contact the Welcome Center to find out. NOTE: Your TB test is good for 4 years.

A volunteer is defined as an individual who, with school district authorization, voluntarily assists school districts, schools, educational programs, or students on a regular and ongoing
basis. A volunteer is required to complete a Volunteer Application and have a Megan’s Law Background Check or a State and/or Federal Background Check completed prior to rendering service. Volunteers must also sign the Volunteers’ Code of Conduct.

Guidelines For School Volunteer Security
Level I – Volunteer Security
1. School districts shall require school volunteers to complete a Volunteer Application prior to being allowed to participate as a volunteer. Clearance must be obtained prior to service.
2. A Level I volunteer should have a Megan’s Law background check.
3. A Level I volunteer shall have a tuberculosis clearance before being allowed to volunteer.
4. Examples of Level I Volunteers include classroom volunteers serving under the supervision of teachers, library volunteers, etc.

Level II – Volunteer Security
1. School volunteers, who may have the opportunity for significant unsupervised contact with students, shall complete a Volunteer Application and have a California Department of Justice (DOJ) Background Verification Check conducted. All clearances must be obtained prior toservice.
2. Volunteers, who have been in the State of California for more than one (1) year, shall have a California Department of Justice (DOJ) Background Verification Check. Volunteers, who have been in the State of California for less than one (1) year, shall have either a National Verification Background Check (to be completed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation) or an individual background reference check conducted by the appropriately designated
administrators. The background reference check should include the last school where the individual volunteered.
3. Walk-on coaches shall be required to have a California Department of Justice Background Verification Check and a National Verification Background (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
4. A tuberculosis clearance is required.
5. Examples of Level II Volunteers include volunteer walk-on coaches and mentors, safety patrol coordinators, volunteer.

Volunteer Interest Areas
Area of Interest. Indicate your areas of volunteer interests.  Select as many as desired. Even if you cannot volunteer on a regular basis, we still need you! Commit as much or as little as you desire. Every hour counts.

Superpower/Skills.  Select as many as desired. You can use the textbox in the next question to elaborate.

See here for full details of each item.

Superpowers/Skills – Other.   Please Elaborate on Your Superpowers / Skills.  Did you obtain your superpowers / skills through work-related experiences, past volunteer experiences, or self-interest / hobby?

Dependent Information
  What is your role as a volunteer and relationship to Design39. Are you a Parent, Guardian, Grandparents, Del Norte Student,  or Other.  You will be able to enter up to 3 students initially on sign up. If you have more than three students at D39C currently, please send email to the Collaborative Volunteer Coordinators and we will be happy to send you a private link to add additional dependent

Student (1-3) First Name. The student’s first name.  You can use your legal or preferred name.
Student (1-3) Last Name.  The student’s last/family/surname.
Student (1-3) Grade.  The student’s current grade level.
Student (1-3) LED.  The student’s homeroom LED.

Del Notre Student Volunteer Information

Grade Level.  Your current grade level.  Enter fall grade level if you are filling this out during summer.
Off-Roll.  When Is Your Off-Roll (Available to Volunteer)?
Miscellaneous.  Tell us more about yourself.  What things are you passionate about teaching or leading? How might you see yourself being involved in our school? Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? Have any questions for us?