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Name Email Address Birthday Color Snack Drink Flower Dine Shop Of your hobbies and interests? Things that would make the classroom better for you? Things you always need or can never have enough of? Things you'd prefer not to receive or have too much of? Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? User ID Date Name Name
Michele Janette mjanette@powayusd.com November 20, 1963 Blue and Purple Vegetables Diet Coke Gardenia Panera and Luna Grill Target and Amazon Family and Friends, Reading, Animals, Beach, Travel Books with diverse voices Black dry erase markers, pencils, Black and Colored Flair felt tip pens, Kleenex Chocolate

I am passionate about equity.

Punita Vakil pvakil@powayusd.com May 30, 1984 blue Salt and vinegar chips Peach and raspberry iced tea Sunflowwr Puesto, PF Changs Sephora, Nordstrom, Zara, H&M Movies, travel, fire pits, massages, spa Coffee Candy
Student Teacher - Andrea Sallady Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff andreasallady@yahoo.com April 21, 2000 Purple Goldfish Crackers Iced Tea Sunflowers Olive Garden Ulta Reading and taking my dogs to the beach N/A Black and Blue ballpoint pens Coffee cups

My birth year is not in 2000. The survey kept on telling me my birthday was invalid so I tried that out.

Lauren Dotson ldotson@powayusd.com February 16, 2019 Green Chips Iced Latte with Almond Milk All Flowers! Karl Strauss Nordstrom I love everything outdoors! Hiking, playing sports, going to the beach, etc. Supply organizer, book library organizer Tissues, white paper, lysol wipes, dry erase markers Supplies, notebooks, crayons, markers, colored pencils

I am so appreciative of all the thought you guys put in to making LEDs experiences just as memorable! Thank you! 🙂

Caroline Jenkins cajenkins@powayusd.com September 28, 1989 Neutrals Something savory Starbucks iced matcha latte or hot decaf mocha Succulents Chipotle, Gor Gai, Piacere Mio Target, Amazon Spending time with my kids, going to the beach, eating Scented lotions or candles, coffee mugs
Jaymie Sacramento jsacramento@powayusd.com September 17, 2019 Purple, black, white, & neutrals Healthy ones - fruits, nuts, dried fruits, coconut-flavored Passion Tea Lemonade, Matcha Green Tea, Kombucha, Ginger Flavored Green plants we can take care of Everywhere - Sushi, Chipotle, Hot Pot, Ramen, Din Tai Fung, Lolitas Trying to support more small businesses...and World Market, Target Family Time, Yoga, Roller Skating, Traveling, Baking Bread, Sports & Relaxing at the Beach Family partnerships, communication, support, and culturally relevant and inclusive books by diverse authors. Culturally Relevant and Inclusive Books, plants, & Family Support

Excited for our year of learning and growing together!

Taylor Becker tbecker@powayusd.com April 27, 2019 Pink White Cheddar Cheese Its, Hershey’s Kisses and chocolate covered pretzels, fruit or other healthy snacks Coffee, tea (iced or hot), Smart Water, Gatorade, anything with caffeine (I'm much more fun of a teacher when I'm awake ;)) Sunflowers or hibiscus flowers Anywhere and everywhere! Anything in 4S/Del Sur is great, or anywhere else is great too! Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Nordstrom/Nordstroms Rack, Macy's, H&M, Michaels Art (drawing, painting, crafts etc.), going to the beach, anything with animals, and teaching of course 🙂 I would LOVE alphabet/phonics and number sense resources for the kids. Easy readers, simple math games, alphabet games or tools, etc. I've purchased many new things with my budget already so thank you! 🙂 Expos, construction paper, glue sticks, Post Its, tape, cut apart magnets... anything! I'll take anything 🙂

I appreciate anything and everything you guys do! The smallest tokens of appreciation and kindness (even just handmade cards!) makes me happy and brightens my days at school!

Judy Caraang jcaraang@powayusd.com March 8, 2020 blue fruit (strawberries, bananas, pear, apple, oranges), chocolate (peanut butter cups, choco almonds, dark), peanut butter pretzels, water, 7-up, Pepsi, Passion fruit ice tea, Strawberry Acai succulents, herbs, air plants, ferns, Gor Gai, Burger Lounge, Miguels, Swami's, Luna Grill, Starbucks, Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill, Con Panne (Liberty Station), Breakfast Republic, Snooze, Ikura's, Jasmine, Dumpling Inn, Royal India, L&L BBQ, Piacere Mio Amazon, Target, Nordstrom Rack, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Costco reading, baking, photography, gardening, crafting, succulents advocates in the community, support (how can we...? what can we...?), positive communications or narratives in the D39C community, problem solvers, forward thinkers appreciation, smiles, notes of kindness, "aloha" digital or online attacks/criticism-I'm available to dialogue around education

You can count on me to be committed to creating positive learning experiences for our learning community (little and big learners). D39C is where I chose for my sons to learn and where I want to continue my professional growth. Balancing all three roles is challenging, especially because I'm passionate about D39C, my family and my profession. Thank you in advance for being empathetic and giving me grace when things get tricky!

Mackenzie Grimmer mgrimmer@powayusd.com January 25, 1988 green Everything Pretzel Thins, Gold Fish, trail mix, sour candy Coffee, Juneshine, wine 🙂 Sunflower Board and Brew, Kava, Karl Strauss Amazon, Target, REI Running, Hiking, going to the beach Disinfectant stay (non toxic), Kleenex, pencils, pens Pencils and pens Nothing 🙂

Thank you so much!! 🙂

Ashley Ruppert aruppert@powayusd.com July 9, 1991 Yellow, black, neutrals Sour candy, chocolate candy (snickers, Twix, Reese’s, dark chocolate), protein bars, fruit, coffee (Starbucks - iced shaken espresso) Sunflower, peony, daisy Karl Strauss, Board & Brew, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, REI, Snowboarding, swimming, anything outdoors, trying new things/ food/ adventures Flair pens, expo markers, sticky notes, COFFEE, Candles, Mugs,
Kaitlyn DiGiovanna kdigiovanna@powayusd.com April 19, 2020 Green Anything chocolate covered, anything salty, anything coffee flavored Coffee, matcha and chai teas Succulents Karl Strauss, Board and brew, Starbucks Amazon, target, REI Snowboarding, swimming, hiking, traveling, going to theme parks. Oils for my diffuser Whiteboard markers, flair pens, sharpies Water bottles, candles
Barbara Hamilton bhamilton@powayusd.com May 27, 2019 Green/ blue Pretzels, chocolate , chips Lemon aid/ soy latte I love mixed colors and types Fish district, Luna grill Target, Amazon , Puzzles/ movies Help with maintaining order Helpers to keep shelves organized I don’t like vanilla scented anything
Camie Dyess cdyess@powayusd.com October 24, 2019 Black Anything vegan Black coffee, unsweetened iced tea Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Target, Amazon, Disneyland Disneyland Expo markers, Post its, pencils, erasers Things that smell, lotion, mugs, anything not vegan
Shshawna Rader srader@powayusd.com September 20, 2019 Green Fruit, salty and crunchy treats and nuts! coffee...yes...coffee...yes Sunflower Any place that my child can order- chicken or tacos! Target, Michaels and Costco Camping, Science, Exploring San Diego, Crafts, people- love being with people to connect Happy and excited students, supportive parents and people coming into the class to share their passions and strengths Students wanting to share what makes them unique.....expo markers, sharp pencils, kleenex and paper towels that actually absorb water! chocolate- my child steals and eats it all...doesn't work out well for either of us.

When we have classroom events, I would love to have it related to learning opportunities for the students. If it is a holiday, how might we weave the event with a learning activity that encourages wonder.

Emily Brooks eescalona@powayusd.com October 10, 2019 Purple and Yellow Any flavor of popcorn or caramel corn and healthy snacks Peach Green Tea Lemonade or Fruit Smoothie Roses and Orchids Starbucks and Jamba Juice Nordstrom, Target, and Bath and Body Works Going to the movies, traveling, reading, and anything Disney related Books that the kids love to read both chapter and picture and more variety of building toys for the kids to explore. Expo markers, tissues, and pencils, Jumbo Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Outside of the homeroom I love to relax and spend time with my family. I am looking forward to a wonderful year! 🙂

James Hamlin jhamlin@powayusd.com July 20, 1991 Orange Pretzels Lemonade Tulips Chipotle, Karl Strauss Target, Marshals Golf, running, hiking Dry erase markers, pencils, Dry erase markers, pencils, scratch lined paper Mugs, water bottles, chocolate
Jim Stephan jstephan@powayusd.com July 20, 2019 orange almonds, Strawberrry Twizzlers coffee, La Croix any In n out, Miguel's, Burger Lounge https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/23E67XFHNS8F?ref_=wl_share
Brandie Miller bmiller@powayusd.com November 10, 1979 Purples, blues, greens, Double stuff oreos, cookies, cheese, Reese’s, nuts&cheese, chips and hummus, Dark and mint chocolate Fall: pumpkin spice latte with almond milk iced or hot/hazelnut latte with almond milk iced or hot Orchids, tulips, sunflowers Anywhere Target, Amazon, Nordstrom’s rack, rei, Costco, Lulu lemon Cycling, yoga, reading, puzzles Supplies like post-it’s, white board markers, books, Kleenex, baby wipes, Lego’s Chocolate Heavily scented items

I can’t think of anything at this time

Jacklyn Vasko jvasko@powayusd.com August 21, 2019 Yellow Kombucha or Cold Brew Sparkling water or Black Americano hot ALL! Vegan spots Rock Climbing, Beach, Reading, Camping, Soccer, Laughing, Roller Skating, Painting, Making, Yoga, Sustainability, Programming, Adventures. Books!! Coffee, plants, handmade cards/crafts from students

If you are thinking about getting me a gift, I am appreciative and grateful. Giving is a beautiful lesson for children. My favorite gift to ever receive is a donation in my name and the name of your student to my favorite local non-profit that is close to my heart, Rise San Diego.


Thank you for all the love and support!

Elizabeth Sherman esherman@powayusd.com May 23, 2020 teal chips and salsa, Trader Joe's chili mango slices grapefruit or mango flavored sparkling waters peonies or sunflowers Board & Brew, Sushi on the Rock, Frost Target or Amazon hiking, camping, dance, Disney, snowboarding, music/concerts, photography colorful Expo markers, picture books or chapter books about inclusion, diversity, social justice, or growth mindset
Kevin Motusesky kmotusesky@powayusd.com October 8, 2019 Ototo Sushi/Swami's Cafe/Board N Brew Whole Foods/Trader Joes
Anthony Jackson ajackson@powayusd.com January 19, 1975 Blue Peanut M&Ms Peanut M&Ms Any Chipotle Amazon Soccer
Kami Cottrell kcottrell@powayusd.com February 14, 2020 Yellow York Peppermint Patties Iced Coffee with a little milk and slightly sweet Gerber daisies Karl Strauss, Panera, Starbucks Michaels, Barnes and Noble, Stitch Fix, Cheap Joe's Art Supplies, Blick Running, reading, Pilates, painting Would love some bean bag chairs or something similar to give kids a chance to read somewhere cozy. Expo markers, books for the classroom library, Dr. Ph Martens Radiant Liquid Watercolor (any colors!), Canson XL watercolor paper (we can make really dynamic art projects with these supplies!) Plants

I love Frixion and Flair pens!

Cindy Reed cireed@powayusd.com June 20, 2020 Neutral tones Salty over sweet:) Coffee and wine! Other than that I stick to mail water Peonies and dahlia Anywhere! Love trying new places. Amazon, target Cooking, being outdoors with my boys, activities with my families Parent volunteers! truthfully gift cards always work best so I can spend a little on me and some on the classroom???????? Coffee mugs, lotions and packaged candy (chocolates, etc)

We so appreciate the collaborative!

Kyle Asmus kasmus@powayusd.com January 21, 1984 Amazon
Miguel Flores xmiguelfloresx@yahoo.com January 5, 2020 Red Fruit Chocolate milk All flowers Board and brew, RB Sushi Amazon Baseball, exercising, coaching, and relaxing. At the moment everything is running smoothly, but I will let the 2 head teachers know when something comes up.

I am currently finishing up my Masters in Physical Education, so once I finish I will be looking to do this permanently either here at D39 or at a High School within the Poway District. So far the students have been awesome, which makes the job fun. Thank you so much.

Bret Fitzpatrick bfitzpatrick@powayusd.com April 29, 2019 Blue Dark Chocolate, Peanut butter pretzels, cashews, pretzels, thin mints English Breakfast tea, beer Yes Yanni's, Tio Leo's, Wahoo's, Pazzo's Pizza, Chili Peppers REI, Home Depot, and REI Woodworking, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding/Skiing, More time. Time Coffee mugs, teas other than English Breakfast
Samantha Jacobs sjacobs@powayusd.com December 17, 2000 White black grey purple green Popchips, rice cakes, fruit Skinny vanilla latte (iced or hot) Succulents Downtown, little Italy Target, Nordstrom, Amazon Traveling Mr. clean magic erasers, tissues, glue sticks Candy, jewelry

I’m super laid back and easy going! My birthday is 2000 it’s 1987 but the firm didn’t let me go back earlier than 2000

David Dickerman ddickerman@powayusd.com May 22, 2020 Green Beef Jerky Coffee Tulips In-And-Out, Chick fil-A, Starbucks Amazon, Target Gym, Watching Sports (Michigan Wolverines, Lakers), Cooking, Hiking, Hanging with my dog Flexible seating options for sensory students (weighted blankets, workout ball seats, wiggle seats, etc), Figets Things to help me organize (bookends for binders, file holders, etc), sticky notes, gum not sure

thank you again!

Abbey (Cavendish) Bryant abryant@powayusd.com May 16, 1993 Anything bright! Goldfish, cheddar bunny snack mix Unsweetened iced green tea, lemonade Sunflower Anything in the Target shopping center! Nordstrom, lululemon/fitness clothing stores Barre and exercise Feedback/feed forward from families and students Pencils, Expos, Kind Emails:) Coffee mugs

I am so grateful for our amazing D39C community.

Lisa Collins Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff lcollins@powayusd.com April 20, 1964 blues and greens sweet and salty coffees and teas any and all I have no favorites I am a thrifter and off price store shopper reading, cooking, crafts ant control :). I have everything I need - I always need pencils 🙂 pencils and markers 🙂 I never have too much - I always like to receive student artwork
Michele Cain mcain@powayusd.com May 10, 2019 Blue Almonds, M&Ms anything gluten free Yerba Mate Tea, Diet Coke Tulips GorGai and Board and Brew Nordstrom Rack Beach, hiking, reading, pets, crafts/knitting

I am gluten free.

Stacey Lamb slamb@powayusd.com July 21, 2000 blue/purple salty (pretzels), dark chocolate with nuts coffee/wine/water Nice smelling ones that I don't have to keep alive Karl Strauss, Knotty Barrel, Thai, Jamba Juice Amazon biking, hiking, dog walking Nothing--Best kids ever this year. Hugs. Plants that I need to keep alive.

I have very few wants and needs. Most gift cards I end up spending on the classroom for unique experiences. I also write a lot of grants for the same purpose.

Amy Richardson arichardson@powayusd.com August 30, 2019 Green Peanut/Chocolate Duckfoot and IPA's Board & Brew, Gor Gai Grilling, coaching my girls and instant Pot Dishes
Tara Appling tappling@powayusd.com Red Chips and dip Tequilla Roses italian and Sushi Carlsbad Boutiques and Nordstroms Reading, Paddling boarding and getting my nails done


Mary Heald mheald@powayusd.com Blue Fruit Bubbly Water Succulents Luna Grill, Starbucks, Nutmeg Cost Plus and Target Going to the movies with my kids and reading
Paulo Espinoza Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff pespinoza@palomar.edu August 7, 2000 Black Chocolate covered raisins Coffee Plumeria Chipotle Amazon Soccer, surfing, hiking Sunscreen Whistles
Lauren Galindo lgalindo@powayusd.com July 6, 2020 Black, rose gold, grey chips (salt and black pepper, sour cream and onion, dr. pepper, iced tea, sprite succulents chipotle, Starbucks, panera, jamba juice amazon, target cooking, photography, soccer things that would help create a calming space (chimes, lights, etc.) cold coffee tumblers Nothing chocolate or anything scented

Not big on sweets, but I love salty and crunchy always!

Tiffanie Kasner tkasner@powayusd.com December 31, 1968 White, olive green, turquoise, natural tones/wood. Chocolate Colored Almonds, coconut anything, fruit, cookies, nuts, cheese & crackers, olives. Green Tea cold, Skinny Vanilla Latte, flavored sparkling water, (Wine-Chardonnay, Pinot Noir White Orchids Piatti-LaJolla, Tamarindo-Del Mar, Jakes-DelMar, In ‘N Out, Any Coastal restaurants, any Mexican or Italian. Nordstrom, HomeGoods, World Market, LuLu Lemon, Anthropology, Surf Ride, Amazon Travel, Family, Decorating, Beach Volleyball, Art, create new innovations/inventions, snow skiing, fishing, water sports, Boogie Boarding, Sporting Events, Concerts, & Spa Days… Clorox Wipes(Coconut), plants, expo markers, organization, cleanliness, & respectful kind healthy happy students! Card stock white paper, Expo Markers, colors, Post-it Notes, Amazon gift cards. Candy!

"I love teaching!
I have two sons Tate (23) Lives in Boise, ID. & Max(20) lives here. I have an amazing boyfriend of 7 years -Mark. I travel to South Carolina often.
(Parents home on Lake Keowee.) I am building a home on the lake there, too.
Love to travel, up for anything, & very easy going! Have a small interior decorating business. Love to dance, too!"

Daniel Waldorf dwaldorf@powayusd.com February 15, 1987 Purple and Green Chips! Love all kinds Dr Pepper Snap Dragon Red Lobster, Brigantine, Burger Bench, Board & Brew Amazon Art, wood working, cooking, Halloween Things for a quiet corner for when students need a mental break Art supplies (markers, colored pencils, expo markers), books to read for our class Fidgets

I have a passion for teaching kids to be better humans through social/emotional lessons and would love more things to support that environment

Tiffany Spencer tspencer@powayusd.com March 10, 1965 Green Fruit Unsweetened chai latte All, now we’re talking- plants make me happy Luna Grill, Joyee’s Dumpling House, Piacere Mío, Amazon, Target, Armstrong’s Gardening, traveling Garden gloves, sheers Chocolate
Ellen Bartow ebartow@powayusd.com January 11, 1989 blue fruits Coffee with some half and half Sunflowers Board & Brew Amazon/Target Painting (acrylic and watercolor), swimming, cooking, reading, hiking The learning space is amazing! Thank you! Zip lock baggies, post-its, coffee, peanut M&Ms! : ) n/a

Thank you for all of your support! I absolutely love working here! : )

Tom Downs tdowns@powayusd.com March 13, 2020 Dark blue Good n Plenty Double short latte one packet stevia and one sugar in the raw No thank you. A succulent that can survive in n USDA zone 9 Board & Brew Home Depot and Amazon House projects and travel Happy with what we have Pencils Any traditional teacher gifts and mugs.
Cheryl Kaiser ckaiser@powayusd.com February 23, 2019 Dark/milk chocolate without fruit inside Starbucks Anything that lasts a long time White House Black Market, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack Reading, gardening, DIY Projects around the home Love and hand-made cards candy/sweets
Glenn Jacobson glenn.jacobson@gmail.com December 4, 2019 Blue Pretzels Ginger Ale/Ginger Beer Sun Flowers Pho, Thai, or Indian food Amazon.com Yoga, going to the dog park/dog beach and paddle boarding. An essential oil diffuser Amazon Gift cards School Supplies
Dana Clarkson dclarkson@powayusd.com June 12, 1968 Blue Chips/Salsa/Fresh Fruit/Veggies/Trail Mix Coffee Roses Burger Lounge, Gorgei, Karl Strauss, Miguels, Board & Brew Target, Costco, Amazon Reading, Hiking, Gardening, Beach
Ann Andersen aandersen@powayusd.com December 26, 2019 Pink dark chocolate, popcorn coffee, vanilla latte with almond milk, coca cola, wine peonies any place with good sushi, sandwiches, ramen or burritos target & amazon Arts and crafts, shopping, reading, cooking Parent readers every morning! Post it notes (for the kids) and Peanut M&Ms (for me) Candles
Nadia Sinno nsinno@powayusd.com November 11, 2000 teal salt and vinegar chips, healthy snacks, dark chocolate snacks, pretzels, donuts chai latte, or iced chai latte, london fog (with peach tranquility tea) roses board and brew, ototo sushi, starbucks nordstrom rack, amazon reading, walking, yoga, piano, hiking, being in nature! classroom fidgets colorful expo markers, tissue boxes, sanitizer wipes

thank you so much for supporting these wonderful kids!! 🙂

Carly Cole ccole@powayusd.com April 25, 2019 Black Chips/Fruits/Veggies Starbucks Cactus/Succulents Board and Brew, Wings and Things, Miguels, Karl Strauss Amazon/Target Interior Decorating Expos lotion

Nope! Thank you :)!

Bailey Princell bcaegprincell@powayusd.com August 29, 1992 Purple Honey bbq fritos , popcorn, pita and hummus, Vanilla sweet cream cold brew, strawberry lemonade, white chocolate mochas sunflowers and hydrangeas Fidels, Barbusa, raki raki ramen Amazon, target, marshalls, the rack Reading, photography, baking Books! I love anything! Candles and lotions

I appreciate anything!

Talar Bustani Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff tbustani@powayusd.com May 20, 2020 blue nuts tea daisy anything Mexican Target yoga, running, hiking, good shows, dogs

I'm excited to be joining your team!

September 8, 2020
Raena Mallari Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff rmallari@powayusd.com April 1, 2020 Blue Any crunchy cheese snack Smoothies Any flower No where in particular Target Crafting September 8, 2020
Gina Miller Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff gimiller@powayusd.com September 8, 2020 Orange/Teal All Sweets Flavored waters (La Croix, Bubbly, etc.) Lilies Italian, Mexican, Thai restaurants Target, Amazon Hiking, biking, kayaking, SUP boarding

I'm very appreciative for all of you and your thoughtfulness! 🙂

September 8, 2020
Bianca Cano-Visser Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff bcano@powayusd.com May 4, 2020 Mustard yellow - Coral - Maroon - Turquoise Tamalitoz Divine Watermelon, Hot Cheetos, Hummus and pita, Fuji apples and PB Watermelon Agua Fresca, Starbucks Medicine ball, Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Lemon Water, White Gummybear Jamba Juice smoothie hydrangeas and peonies Cucina Enoteca, Chic Fil a, Pita Guys, Cheesecake Factory Lulu Lemon, Nordstroms Rack co-ed softball, cooking, pedicures, manicures, spending time with my family, learning better lifestyle habits

I am researching and applying for a Service Dog to work alongside me at work, that is my biggest hope for this year. I appreciate you all for taking an interest in us. <3

September 8, 2020
Ryan Hicks Check here if you are a student teacher or support staff rhicks@powayusd.com February 22, 2020 blue Diet Coke/dr pepper/monster N/a sorry haha Taco Bell Amazon Watching Dallas Cowboys football

Love people and interacting with everyone!

September 8, 2020
Clara Bird cbird@powayusd.com July 29, 1994 Green (or Light Pink) Fruit Herbal Tea ANY Vegan or Vegan-Friendly Restaurants 🙂 (ei: Plumeria, Red House Pizza, Cafe Gratitude, etc.) Trader Joe's, Sprouts, etc. I love the arts and attending live performances of all kinds, yoga, meditation, READING (nonfiction and fiction), StarTrek, interior & architectural design, traveling Whiteboard markers, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. Flowers! Plants! Calming essential oils! Non-vegan chocolates with dairy (there are a ton of non-dairy ones out there, Trader has some in the check-out lines)

That's me! 🙂

Quick Note: For me being vegan means I don't eat meat / fish, dairy, eggs, or even honey (no animal products). Also there is at least 1 other 3rd grade vegan LED on campus and at least 2 other vegetarians campus-wide that I know of and I'm still getting to know the LED's 🙂

September 9, 2020
Kelly Eveleth keveleth@powayusd.com December 7, 2020 Navy, Chartreuse, Magenta, anything bold Gummy candy, Chocolate covered pretzels, sweet & salty Kombucha, Decaf Americano w/oatmilk Succulents, anything alive, houseplants, or anything that I can replant Board and Brew, Karl Strauss, Road Runner, REI, Athleta, Amazon Trail Running, taking art classes, pottery, cooking, traveling, camping I love to have live plants in the classroom! Chocolate, Starbucks Coffee mugs, lotion, candles

I love handwritten and drawn cards!

September 13, 2020
Katelyn Barry kbarrymurphyoconnor@powayusd.com March 26, 1985 Purple Nuts, hummus, popcorn, pretzels sparkling water (flavored or not) or Lemonade Gerbers, Sunflowers, Pink roses anywhere with yummy vegan options Nordstroms/Rack Yoga, Tennis, Reading, politics More helping hands! 🙂 Smiles and good friends.....plus pencils, expos, and wine 😉 Non-vegan things

I'm so grateful for our community and helpful parents! THANK YOU!

September 14, 2020
Christina Adamson cadamson@powayusd.com July 18, 1968 Teal Nuts Water Orchid Anywhere Nordstrom and Home Goods Paddle boarding, swimming, reading, gardening, hiking, outside stuff I’m all good! And I love, love children books Sleep and notes from kids and parents. Mugs

Please donate your $ to the collab rather than get me gifts. I’m all good.

September 15, 2020
Michelle Brown mibrown@powayusd.com July 29, 1970 blue veggies and hummus decaf latte with almond milk roses Miguels Amazon gardening, reading, travel, cooking vegan/gluten free foods, spending time with family lately...hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes October 7, 2020
Other/Not-Listed debiewashburn@gmail.com May 5, 1966 blue chocolate chip cookies Diet Mt. Dew Pink and white roses Taco Taco in Poway Target Genealogy, hiking, camping at the beach or just going to the beach. 1 1/2" or 2" inch binders. Prizes for our ticket giveaways

I am excited to be here at D39C. I love teaching your children. My own 4 children are grown, so it is nice to spend time with your children.
Thanks for supporting me in my role as a LED.

March 10, 2021
Nicole Yorba jnibley@powayusd.com March 20, 2020 Blue Veggie Chips, Fruit iced coffee, iced tea, rose, martini 🙂 hydrangea, peony Panera, Grub, Sab E Lee, Board and Brew Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target I love to read, hike, yoga, work out, beach, pool, and watch movies. March 11, 2021
Jennifer Nibley jnibley@powayusd.com March 20, 2020 Blue Veggie Chips, Fruit Iced coffee, iced tea, rose, martini 🙂 hydrangea, peony Panera, Grub, Sab E Lee, Board and Brew Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target I love to read, hike, yoga, work out, beach, pool, and watch movies.l March 11, 2021
Ernest Remillard eremillard@powayusd.com September 19, 1980 Blue Chips Coffee - Black Anywhere with Pizza or Burgers Amazon Running, Triathlon, and time with daughter The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Maria Fanianos mfanianos@powayusd.com September 13, 1974 Green and pink Milk chocolate, nuts, popcorn Coffee- Starbucks, non fat latte and green tea Roses Ototo, Luna Grill, Piacere Mío, Board and Brew Target, Express, Banana Republic Pickle ball, tennis, swimming, movies Books, art materials Coffee Candles
Jordan Sidley jsidley109@gmail.com August 12, 1994 Turquoise and Purple Healthy Snacks Coffee No Preference Sushi Target Camping, Photography Books to add to our homeroom library! Art Supplies The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Devin Corea dcorea@powayusd.com August 29, 1996 Blue Popcorn Sparkling water/black iced coffee Sunflowers Karl Strauss Target, REI Running, Hiking, Surfing, Backpacking, Camping The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Menza Bolamba mbolamba98@gmail.com April 9, 1998 Light Pink Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar Goldfish Strawberry Lemonade Peonies North Italia, Thai, CAVA, Peets coffee, In N Out, Cesarina H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Target, Sephora, Trader Joe’s Spin classes, taking pictures, going on walks, watching the sunset, going out to brunch Books, math manipulatives, organization systems Pilot G2 pens, expo markers

My favorite dessert is a chocolate chip cookie from Batch Box

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Stevan Sanchez sfajardo@powayusd.com May 9, 1994 Black and Gold Anything spicy chip related Orange Gatorage Roses (not a big flower guy) Ballast Point - They have good food too 🙂 Rogue Fitness Surfing, weight lifting, hiking, camping Snacks Expos, Snacks Starbucks (dont drink coffee)

I'm very active and love being outside!

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Lindsey Ellison Lellison@powayusd.com November 18, 1980 Turquoise Chips and guacamole, trail mix Starbucks salted caramel cold brew Tuberose, plumeria, gardenia Board and Brew Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target Traveling, beach, gemstones, gardening Chapter books Books, expo markers, hand sanitizer Candy

Thank you!

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Amie Tillman atillman@powayusd.com March 18, 1976 Red pita & hummus sparkling water any plant Italian restaurants Nordstroms Gardening, camping N/A plants candy

I appreciate the Collaborative so much!!!

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Jennifer Giorgetta jgiorgetta@powayusd.com March 31, 1967 Purple Chocolate or Popcorn Chai Latte with Oat Milk Sunflower or any purple flowers Board 'n Brew, Gor Gai Thai Nordstrom Rack Beach, Hawaii & snorkeling, picture albums Cute magnets, small organizational bins, story books, Ultra-fine dry erase markers Books, cute pins for lanyard, Christmas tree ornaments, fun socks, cute note pads Jewelry, candles

USC and Navy mom of 3 boys

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Debbie Washburn dwashburn@powayusd.com May 5, 2020 Blue Dove Dark Chocolate Diet Coke or diet Mtn. Dew Pink and white roses Board and Brew Target Puzzles, beach, hiking, genealogy The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Lianne David ldavid@powayusd.com July 15, 1998 Yellow Hippeas, Goldfish Xtra Cheddar, Pocky, and Clif Bars. iced coffee with caramel syrup (4 pumps) and oatmilk (Starbucks and Dunkin’) Tulips, Orchids Kebab Shop, Hooked on Sushi, PF Changs, In N Out, Islands, and Rubio’s Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Barnes & Noble Going to the beach, hiking, attempting to play the ukulele, and reading books. Books, learning games, Lakeshore gift cards, Barnes and Noble gift cards, and a laminator + thermal sheets. Sharpies, fine tip dry Expo markers, colored and white printer paper, fun pencils & pens, fun erasers, flip chart markers, and math tools/counters (cubes, legos, building blocks).

I love homemade gifts from my students! <3

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Diana Clark dclark@powayusd.com November 10, 1966 Blue Luna Bars (lemon/blueberry/tangerine/peanut butter & fudge), pretzels tea (unsweetened) - hot and cold, herbal and caffeine, all flavors ranunculus and tulips Chiptole and Luna Grill Target and Amazon my black labrador, walking/hiking, going to the beach, reading a candy jar tea no nuts, no dark chocolate, no dried fruit

Thank you for all you do to make D39 such a great place to teach. 🙂

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Beth Byrd bbyrd@powayusd.com March 26, 1970 Pale pink and grey M&M's, Cheese and crackers, chips and salsa Red wine and Voss water Gerber Daisy Grub, Poway Sushi Lounge, Breakfast Republic H&M, Anthropology , Nordstrom Rack Tennis, walking, mountain biking The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Lisa Lamoureux llamoureux@powayusd.com November 27, 1966 Purple yogurt and granola La Croix Yellow Rose Amazon.com Travel, beading, crafts Sunshine and smiles Technology to use in the speech room Chocolate

I'm new to San Diego

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Brian Sutliff bsutliff@powayusd.com December 10, 1980 Black Reeses Dr. Pepper or mountain dew In and out, board and brew Harley Davidson, Home depot Riding my motorcycle, surfing. The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Jennifer Asmann jasmann@powayusd.com January 29, 1993 Blue/Turquoise Miss Vickies Jalepeno Chips (anything salty and crunchy!) Peppermint Herbal Tea Jasmine Board and Brew, Luna Grill...not picky! Target, Nordstroms & Home Goods Hiking, Yoga, Film Photography, Reading more SEL books, a laminator & projector fidgets or sensory toys, comfy bean bag chairs and art supplies sand toys/kits

I appreciate you! 🙂

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Annie Paranjape Aparanjape@powayusd.com October 4, 1974 Blue Donuts Strawberry milkshake Roses BJs Macys Reading The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Taylor Lundberg tlundberg@powayusd.com March 31, 1995 Blue ParmCrisps Coffee Rose Starbucks Target Sensory integration tools/activity for my more severely impacted students. Fidgets, board games, stickers, dot markers The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Emma Rojas erojas@powayusd.com November 26, 1968 green fruit coffee hydrangea luna grill macy's walk, dance, hike, travel a continue supply of facial tissue and dry erase markers dry erase markers hand cream. lotions, candles

That I am very thankful for all the things that are given to me.

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Karina Castrejon kcastrejon@powayusd.com March 15, 1983 Black and blue cheese and crackers coffee Gerbera Daisy or Dahlia Luna grill Target, Tj maxx and Khols Camping and spending time with family chocolates The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Marlena Weldon mweldon@powayusd.com June 12, 1973 Yellow Pringles or any chip, Trail Mix, Chocolate, Baked goods Water, Chai Tea, Vitamin Water Sunflowers Burger Lounge, Los Primos, In and Out, also love trying something new! Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom Rack Spending time with my family, Reading, Playing board games, Pencils, Erasers, Dry Erase Markers Perfumy things, I'm super scent sensitive. Other than that, I'm appreciative of any thoughful gesture.

I LOVE everything about my job, and your children bring me joy each and every day. I love getting to know them and learning about their personalities.

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Rosella Haynes rhaynes@powayusd.com September 13, 1961 Black/pink chips and queso Coke or lemonade Roses and sunflowers Brigantine Ulta/target/amazon shopping, puzzles, trying new restaurants more balls for BRIDGE students all types of balls starbucks

Thank you!

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Samantha Nieves snieves@powayusd.com October 23, 1996 purple chex-mix red bull sunflower cava, rubios, brigantine, chipotle target reading, live music, animals, travelling my tape to stop going missing hahaha tape, expo markers, scissors Band-Aids

I am so happy to be here and a part of a wonderful school!

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Matt Grindstaff mgrindstaff@powayusd.com December 14, 1994 Blue Donuts Smoothies Any California Pizza Kitchen Target, Amazon Hiking Disinfecting supplies (hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes etc.) Expo markers, disposable masks Money/gift cards 🙂 Any gift is a good gift.

I love dogs and being outdoors hiking.

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Annette Conway aconway@powayusd.com March 30, 1965 Earthen Dove milk chocolate Kombucha (any variety) Peony Rubios Nordstrom or The Rack Hiking, healthy eating, line dancing more fidgets (the ones the students have go missing) glue sticks, tissues, baby wipes Everything is welcome The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Sheri Habel shabel@powayusd.com August 5, 1900 green or burgundy pop corners / popcorn white mocha with add shots/coke/ice carbonated water hibiscus Gor Gai, Phil's BBQ, Board and Brew Joanns/Lane Bryant/Michaels Crochet/Picture frames/ more ergonoic chairs/ padding for seats

I enjoy working here.

The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Nidhi Pareek npareek1@hotmail.com December 23, 1974 white nuts lemonade orchids CPK, Olive Garden, Luna grill Target, Amazon ,Marshalls Gardening, nature, hike erasers Chocolates The D39C Collaborative Tech Chair
Laurie Magulac Lmagulac@powayusd.com July 31, 1975 Spa blue Fruit, yogurt Diet coke Chrysanthemums Miguel's Chico's reading, writing, hiking, movies, traveling Soft pillows, a small loveseat-size couch or 3-4 bean bags, and fidgets to make my office comfy and welcoming for students I host in small groups and individual work. They're middle schoolers so... snacks: granola bars, gold fish, little water bottles 🙂 Can't think of anything...

I'm a parent educator and author, and have four kids, ages 13-20. Been in education since 2000, when I taught middle school in San Diego City Schools. That was also when I inherited the AVID program, and fell in love with supporting students and families in overcoming challenges and pursuing their goals. When I left teaching to adopt my two oldest from foster care, I transitioned into community and parent ed. After covid, and seeing what my own teens experienced, I felt led back to the campus environment to support middle schoolers in academics, social and emotional needs. I also started back to school for a masters in social work. Looking forward to supporting our middle schoolers, families, and the staff who serve them here at D39.

Kara Miller msmillerkinder@gmail.com January 5, 2020 Purple/lavender, sage green, blue Pirate's booty, honey butter chips, strawberries Root Beer, water, sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joes Sunflower and Daisy Rubios, California Fish Grill, Jamba Juice Old Navy, Target, Etsy Reading, hiking, spending time with my friends and family 🙂 Pencils and dry erase markers Mugs/tumblers 🙂

Thank you for all your support!

Damisha (Misha) Collins Damishacollins@gmail.com June 1, 1992 Blue Go Macro bars Jamba Juice smoothies (Mango a go go and Strawberry Surfrider Sunflower, Hibiscus Buona Forchetta, Piacre Mio, Cesarina, In n Out (hehe) Lululemon, Zara Traveling, working out, visiting theme parks, exploring all that San Diego has to offer A comfy area for my students to read books Pencils, Markers, Post-its, Expo markers and Books All supplies and resources are welcomed (:

This is my first year as a contracted teacher! I have been a long term sub at D39 in the past. (:

China Schauer cschauer@powayusd.com February 9, 1987 PURPLE Peanut Butter MnM's Dr. Pepper and Iced Coffee Lilac Italian, Ramen, and In and Out Amazon Escape rooms, reading, hiking, ceramic art Craft supplies, SEL books
Julie Mori jmori@powayusd.com January 18, 1958 Red, Black, White, Purple Anything salty.....pretzels, chips, almonds Starbucks Gardenia Chick Fil-A; In and Out Target Art-any; The Beach Volunteers Starbucks Mugs

Teaching is my passion! Thank you for sharing your littles with us! (-;

Andrea Guevara aguevara@powayusd.com July 31, 1996 Orange Hot cheetos (regular and lime) Health-ade Ginger lemon kombucha, topo chico unflavored mineral water Carnations I love trying out new restaurants, mostly near downtown San Diego (north park, little italy, south park, etc.) Zara, Madewell, Trader Joe's, Target Music, reality TV, cooking, food & drink, Disney, hula hooping Organization pieces for books and games, essential oil diffuser Chocolate!! hair scrunchies, fidgets for students, disinfectant wipes strongly scented candles, lotion, soaps, etc. (gives me headaches), crayons & markers (other craft materials are good to have)

I'm a huge Dodgers fan, I love to travel, I can speak french and love all things french, I'm always interested in learning about different cultures, and I'm so excited to be joining the D39C team this year!

Name Email Address Birthday Color Snack Drink Flower Dine Shop Of your hobbies and interests? Things that would make the classroom better for you? Things you always need or can never have enough of? Things you'd prefer not to receive or have too much of? Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? User ID Date Name Name