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17050 Del Sur Ridge Rd

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Email Accounts

To Create Email Accounts

  1. Log into CPanel directly at:  https://p3plcpnl0794.prod.phx3.secureserver.net:2083
  2. User:  [Your Credentials]
  3. Password:  [Your Credentials]
  4. Click on ‘Email Wizard’
  5. Add new email account in [firstname].[lastname]@design39collaborative.org format.
  6. Create password in random 8-10 character/number format.
  7. Set Mailbox quota to ‘Unlimited’.
  8. Click ‘Create Account’.
  9. Go back to Main Menu.  Under Email, click ‘Forwarders’.
  10. Click on ‘Add Forwarder’.  Not Domain Forwarder.
  11. Add email address you created and forward to ‘security@design39collaborative.org’.
  12. Click on ‘Add Forwarders’.
  13. Send below email to new email person.

Simple Steps for Getting Design39Collaborative.org Mail

 Go to:  https://www.design39collaborative.org/webmail

Login using these credentials:

User:  [Username]

Password:  [Password]

You should see 4 boxes:

  1. Configure desktop client.
  2. Read mail using Horde
  3. Read mail using RoundCube
  4.  Read mail using Squirrel.

 First, click on the ‘Change Password’ icon and change your mail password.  Then…

 If you know how do configure a mail client (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail), you can click on the ‘Configure desktop client.  Follow the steps to set desktop client.

 If you want to view view browser client, click on ‘enable autoload’ under Horde (or if you like one of the others for some reason).

 Change the seconds from 5 to 1.

 Click Ok

 Upper right hand corner, under volunteers, logout.

 Log back in to  https://www.design39collaborative.org/webmail

 After 1 second, you should be routed to mailbox.

Please send any comments, questions, or concerns to tech@design39collaborative.org .