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17050 Del Sur Ridge Rd

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2024-2025 Funding Priorities


Education ($60,000 Goal)

Sponsor education programs that directly impact students educational experience.
a. Nighthawk Tutoring
b. Impact Teachers
c. Department Contributions
d. Teacher Workroom Aid (Printing, Paper)
e. Teacher Grants
f. Library

Technology ($25,000 Goal)

Purchase updated, state-of-the-art technology to support instruction and learning.
a. iPads/Laptops
b. Projectors
c. Apple Pencils
d. Calculators for AP Courses
e. Classroom Technology Upgrades

Teacher Collaboration ($10,000 Goal)

Collaborate with Teachers for various events throughout the year
a. Back to School Night
b. Pro Grow Day
c. 8th Grade Open House
d. Nighthawk Mentor
e. Other Lunch and Learns

School Spirit ($10,000 Goal)

Sponsor apparel and other programs that promote school spirit
a. Staff T-Shirts
b. Character Education
c. Student and Staff Recognition

Professional Training ($15,000 Goal)

Provide training to teachers and facilitate attendance for educational conferences
Your contributions will help Del Norte continue to provide extraordinary opportunities for our students.


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