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Our Budget

Our budget is created as a guideline for the current school year and is published here. 


The process of constructing the budget:

As a starting point, the previous school year’s “Budget vs. Actual” report is used.  Inputs from certain school staff and Collaborative members are highly considered.

An initial draft of the current school year’s budget is created beginning of July for the Collaborative Board to review. Adjustments can be made with valid reasons. Once any adjustments are incorporated, the budget is reviewed again by the Collaborative Board and voted on for adoption.       

In the early 2nd part of the school year, the budget is reviewed yet again. Needs may have emerged that require new and/or additional funding.  Unused funds can be reallocated.  The Board then reviews and votes on the revised budget for the remainder of the school year.

How the budget is monitored:

The budget is monitored by reconciling accounts monthly, running the “Budget vs. Actual” report when needed, and reviewing other reports such as Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.

If you are interested in the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer positions or would like to be a part of the Finance Committee, please contact president@design39Collaborative.org or treasurer@design39collaborative.org.


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