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Instructions for New Families

(or existing families that haven’t signed up in previous years)


The D39C Collaborative’s Student Enrichment Clubs Registration & Management System

Here are the reasons we use Jumbula:

  • Secure handling of confidential information
  • Convenient, centralized management of information (payments, students, allergies)
  • Ease of all managing classroom rosters, attendance, notifications, etc.

Step 1 

You will need to navigate to the Jumbula Club Overview Page by clicking the button on the right.

Step 2 

Once you are done reviewing the instructions at the top of the page, feel free to check-out all the available clubs on the D39C Jumbula Homepage.

Step 3 

Once you are done reviewing the classes, click the “Express Registration” button at the top of the page.

Step 4 

Create an account by clicking the “Sign Up” link, and going through the account creation process.

Step 5

Once you create an account, you can immediately start the registration process. If you don’t see anything, click the registration link.

Be advised that the courses are now displayed by day, and not by activity, to help you plan your child’s schedule better as you register!

Step 6

Select checkboxes next to the clubs or classes you would like to register your student for. Be sure to double check eligible grade levels.

Step 7

Select a child from your participant list, or enter a new one if this is their first registration. Fill in all the required, or applicable, registration boxes, and wahoo, you’re done.. sort of!

Step 8

You have successfully registered your child for clubs, but you’ll have to wait until registration closes before we release final rosters and confirm your child’s slot.

Only a handful of clubs do not impose any limit on number of students, but the vast majority rely on there being enough parent-volunteers/coaches. If clubs get oversubscribed, coaches have no choice but to turn some students away, which is really unfortunate. The process of selection is entirely up to the individual coaches.

We encourage you to step up and become a coach, which is the ONLY way to guarantee a spot for your child. It also allows more students overall to be able to participate.


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