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Executive Officers


As the leader and member of the executive committee, the responsibilities of the President are the following, but not limited to:

  • Preside over and run all board meetings
  • Supervise and direct all activities of the board
  • Understand and look to implement board policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with the Design Facilitators and Facilitation Team on an ongoing basis
  • Engage in thoughtful interactions keeping the community’s best interest as a priority
  • Collaborate with all members of the board and build a shared vision
  • Build the culture of The D39C Collaborative
  • The President directly oversees the Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising, and Grants
Director of Classroom Ambassadors

Responsible for building positive relationships and communication between LED’s/Staff and parents with the vision of helping every person within our campus feel a sense of fulfillment and belonging.

  • Supervise the Ambassador Chairs and Class Ambassadors for each grade span, support Class Ambassadors in creating positive relationships between the LEDs and the community, and assist with connecting events planned by various grade spans
  • Build relationships with our LEDs to ensure the overall program is consistent, meeting the needs of today, as well as looking forward to supporting being at the forefront of education through education, development, and support of the entire community
  • Communicate important homeroom information from the campus and Collaborative to the ambassadors to send out to their homerooms
  • Lead and plan the CA Orientation event at the beginning of the school year to include a presentation to all CA’s
  • Set up grade level meetings with the CA’s and LED’s at the beginning of the school year and sometime in January or February
  • Partner with Volunteers Chair to gain superpowers of our CA community and classroom parents to build effective connection for campus needs
  • Update the CA onboarding files at the beginning of the year (CA to do list, intro email, reimbursements, etc.)
  • Lead holiday & end of year appreciation gifts for school staff (around 100 gifts)
Director of Communications and Technology
  • Responsible for the overall Communications plan with all Collaborative channels 
  • Ensure that the Campus community is informed about the happenings on Campus and efforts of the Collaborative to support our community
  • Managing multiple channels of communications including social media, email newsletters, design and additional tools assessments alongside communications chairs and executive committee
  • Write communications in channels as needed
  • Partnering with campus administrators for the alignment of communications to ensure complementary and effective
  • Partner with Business & Community Partners Chair for opportunities and messaging externally
  • Ensuring communication pillars and tone is managed correctly enhancing a strong community
  • Support Technology Chair for understanding campus and collaborative needs and effective use of resourcing
Director of Events and Community

Support the Diversity Equity Inclusion Chair, Events Chair, and *New* Design Thinking Culture Chair as they maintain the heart of Campus Community & Culture, while keeping equity and inclusion at the forefront.

  • Support Campus events that help support community and culture
  • Build measurable outcomes for community, events participants, and culture
  • Lead the annual collaborative community survey to measure health and value
  • Support new role for embedding Design Thinking culture into all the collaborative and community does
  • Expand efforts for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in collecting and prioritizing needs and opportunities in community and within campus. Engage community for what this means, and how we measure success
Director of Parent Volunteers and Student Enrichment

Responsible for involvement of parents and family community involvement for both on campus classroom and event opportunities in addition to extracurricular student enrichment activities.

  • Partner with the Student Enrichment Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, and the Community & Campus Safety Liaison
  • Create relationships with campus staff for awareness of needs in volunteering opportunities
  • Build matching opportunities for volunteer and enrichment opportunities with families to the campus to find the match with skills and availability
  • Keep abreast of new rules in volunteers per district and campus regulations, communicating this to the broader community

Responsible for housing Collaborative files and documents for legal and historical purposes.

  • Maintain Collaborative binder containing the organization’s legal documents and records
  • Annually distribute, administer, and retain Conflict of Interest forms
  • Record minutes at all Board of Directors meetings
  • Distribute and store these records in the Drive
  • Reserve spaces on campus for any Collaborative events/needs through Facilitron
  • Manage annual insurance requirements, and COIs for student enrichment groups as needed
  • Liaise with PUSD to get events approved and paid for (event forms, insurance, etc.)

Responsible for the big picture, longer-term financial demands, and day-to-day finances:

  • Manage all accounting transactions using an accounting software (Quickbooks)
  • Process account payables (reimbursements, payments to vendors, etc.)
  • Process account receivables (donations, grants, etc)
  • Reconcile credit card purchases and Amazon orders with credit card statement monthly
  • Reconcile each Quickbook account with bank statements monthly 
  • Provide Financial Reports to the board monthly
  • Assist with campus sales/events 
  • Work with school/district to balance campus purchases/expenses 
  • Carry out financial review/audit prior to deadline
  • File taxes and send out 1099s prior to deadline
  • Submit Statement of Information to the State of California prior to deadline
  • Assist with budget forecasting

Board Members / Elected Chairs

Assistant Treasurer
  • Assist the Treasurer with the day to day finances
  • Manage all accounting transactions using an accounting software (Quickbooks)
  • Review/approve Amazon business account for campus purchases
  • Process account receivables/payables
Business Partners

Responsible for coordinating the fundraising activities for the school for business sponsors per calendar year in January raising $20,000 per year for D39C. In addition cultivating new relationships and community partnership opportunities for the campus. The Business & Community Partners Chair oversees the following key activities:

  • Corporate Sponsors:  The creation of the corporate sponsorship program, solicitation of sponsors and serving as the liaison between the school and corporate sponsors.
  • Business Partners Recognition:  Plan and organize annual business partner recognition (events booths, email awareness, etc…)
  • Industry Partners: Identify opportunities to interact and connect with industry expert organizations and look to partner with them to provide Design39Campus exposure to these organizations
Classroom Ambassador (4 Positions - TK/K, 1/2, 3/4/5 and 6/7/8)

Responsible for the Classroom Ambassadors (CA) onboarding and communication within their grade spans. 

  • Support CAs through processes and systems as they navigate issues, relationships, gaps and needs. 
  • Build relationships with their LEDs and assist with their requests and needs to include organizing homeroom volunteers and connection opportunities
  • Develop a year long vision plan of to-do’s and events
  • Manage the placement of CA’s in their appropriate grade level homerooms at the beginning of the school year which includes tracking interest survey responses daily and emailing and contacting candidates and LED’s 
  • Create class contact sheets for each of their grade level homerooms and share with the assigned CA or CAs
  • Support CA onboarding by emailing each CA or CAs an introductory email to include a CA to do list and sample intro email, links to their class roster and class contact sheet, Collab contact list and reimbursement instructions
  • Work with their CA’s to make sure that Staff Favorites are up to date for their LEDs
  • Attend beginning of the year CA introductory meeting on campus with their grade level LEDs and set up check in and planning meetings with their CA’s throughout the year
  • Assist with planning and booking of grade wide connecting events throughout the year
  • Gather Voice of Customer data for the grade span for monthly board meetings to ensure Wins and Gaps are identified and known to the Collaborative board
  • Assist and help plan one global campus community event for the year and be a lead on the day of the event (e.g. Experience39, Fall Carnival, Passport39, etc.)
  • Manage private parent community through potential new platform (Konstella) and ensure transition to migrate off of current distributed systems (whatsapp, emails, social, etc.) with a goal of 80% classroom opt-in for communications

This role is to lead the potential rollout of a private parent community app called Konstella. This solution will combine many of the communications from the Collaborative and community interactions providing clarity for our parent community and enhanced privacy measures. Currently in pilot mode to April 2024.

Role is the leader for creating documentation and training for the Classroom Ambassadors to run and engage our parent community.

  • Train CAs to onboard families in their classroom and update communications specific to classroom (volunteer, class events/trips, meet-ups, chat/messaging topics)
  • Monitor usage and collect data for what’s working well / opportunities to improve 
  • Document and share training and FAQs for community
  • If applicable, support LEDs through communication and support to transition their communications into the platform (not required)
Community and Campus Safety Liaison

A new chair role based on Collaborative Community feedback. Liaison between parents community and campus leaders for a safe environment for our community (designers, staff, parents). This role will best be served as a Site Council member to bridge the responsibilities and actions.

  • Advocate for parent feedback on general campus safety, traffic, cleanliness
  • Create materials for parents as needed (e.g. traffic video)
  • Assessment of other opportunities (e.g. technology solutions like lighted crosswalk…)
  • Create communications and updates alongside Communications Chairs to share across channels on efforts and needs from community
Design Thinking Culture

New role to encourage the heart and vision of the Campus in Design Thinking into our everyday actions as a broader collaborative community. Seasoned campus parent, popping into the what and how we operate, ensuring we don’t step back into comfortable patterns and instead challenge and teach us how to “do school differently”

  • Be a visible advocate for Design Thinking across Collaborative and border Community with examples of Design Thinking in our day to day lives, to campus activities
  • Storyteller for the community at large
  • Partner with the LED and campus staff that are masters of Design Thinking, telling their stories and sharing their wisdoms
  • Provide tools and tips and encouragement for us all to utilize design thinking from the small “how we run a board meeting” to the large events to “gather feedback and measure results”
  • Be the constant “presence” so we don’t slip into the comfortable ways we know
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Communicate with Design Facilitators, Facilitation Team, and LEDs about ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education in the Campus Community 
  • Lead parent feedback for collecting stories and data, prioritizing needs into actions that are wants and needs for the community and the campus culture
  • Collaborate with fellow board members to ensure diversity, equity & inclusion are at the forefront of organizing activities related to the collaborative
  • Collaborate with PUSD & External groups for best practice opportunities in how we think and act as good stewards for DEI

Responsible for overall planning of events that draw the members of the campus community together. A team that includes Class Ambassador Chairs will assist (so not alone) to ensure experience and design of event allows for community inclusivity. Plan several large campus wide events to celebrate the start and end of school, including:

  • Experience39 (August) welcoming everyone to the start of the school year
  • Master Sports Day: two field days (one for TK-5, another for 6-8) for students to enjoy towards the end of the year
  • Recruiting volunteers to support Experience39 and Master Sports Day
  • Passport39, a cultural fair for parents and families to share their diverse culture with food, performances, and booths
  • Design experiences that are varied to cater for different needs and families – from large to small; To during school and weekends or evenings
  • Partner with DEI Chair for specific user needs in neurodiversity, or otherwise 
  • Measure effectiveness and value of event from community in bringing us together, bein inclusive and strengthening our ties into the broader community
  • Engage business sponsors for events and broader community opportunities that best match campus events and needs
  • Lead Staff Appreciation Week, celebrating our LEDs and staff on campus

Responsible for coordinating the fundraising activities for the school for the direct ask from families at the start of year, raising $300,000+ per year for D39C.
The Fundraising Chair oversees the following key activities:

  • 39 Days of Giving campaign:  The annual direct ask of the campus community; this includes developing the direct mail piece in collaboration with the President and others, producing the mail piece, mailing, promoting the campaign, making solicitations, etc.
  • Donor Recognition:  Plan and organize annual campus donor recognition signs
  • Create and broadcast grant application
  • Revise grant criteria in conjunction with committee
  • Review and disseminate key points of proposals to committee
  • Facilitate a vote for approval
  • Communicate results of vote to applicants
  • Track grant finances and communicate balance to committee
  • Share out status of approved grants at monthly Collaborative board meeting
Nominations and Onboarding
  • Work with The D39C Collaborative, families in Design39Campus, Staff, LEDs and Design Facilitators to ensure there is a constant pipeline of interest for the Board in current and future years 
  • Lead the Spring process of surveys and discussions for interest to return from current Community members, recommendations for new members, and general interest forms and collections.
  • Facilitate fair and equitable process where there are multiple members interested for specific roles, allowing for a diverse representation of our family community across our Collaborative community roles
  • Collaborative Role Onboarding: Bring on board individuals into the collaborative funnel into various committees through transition documents, transition meetings, and buddy system support models for their first month
  • *New* Community Onboarding: Welcome new families and engage the general community for inclusivity, transparency, feedback, and culture alongside rules and norms when joining the Design39Campus.
Parent Volunteers

Recruit parent volunteers based on their superpowers for upcoming Campus volunteer needs.

  • Determine Campus volunteer needs and assist Chair, Leaders, LEDs, and the Welcome Center in finding volunteers for events
  • Ensure that parents are in compliance with Level 1 and Level 2 District requirements
  • Post volunteer opportunities on Parent Community app (Konstella) and /or Collaborative website for awareness and sign up
  • Collaborate with Technology Chair to create a master data of family / parent superpowers for campus use as needed (e.g. cultural experts, podcasting, artists, …)
  • Use the CRM39 database to pull the appropriate volunteers that are requested from LED’s and staff and then contact these volunteers to fulfill these needs
Social Media

Responsible for the communications through Social media platforms for external awareness with internal Campus Community and External Education & Business Partners community (PR)

  • Run all Social Media platforms for the Collaborative
  • Support Business Partners through social media (tagging, liking, sharing)
  • Develop and support broader community social media engagement that aligns to the mission and values of D39C Campus (elevating humanity, forefront education, diversity & equity, …)
  • Engage internal D39C campus opportunities for social media (LED expertise in education, designers skills in blogging and podcasting, ..)
  • Identify and expand opportunities & passion projects: Designer Diaries, Social Media Share Day, Parent Perspective Blog
Student Enrichment

Responsible for bridging our volunteers, designers, LEDs and the campus by providing leadership and guidance to continually improve the various academic, athletic and arts programs we offer currently on campus.

  • LED led programs: support LED’s with programs initiated by them (higher priority)
  • Host SE Info Night start of the year and a SE Lite Event end of year
  • Set requirements for tech team to improve SE tech experience for students, coaches
  • Maintain/ensure central student/volunteer roster is current and accessible
  • Oversee SE finance, monitor and approve Club expenses
  • Manage head coach/leadership recruitment when there is a transition
  • Evaluate/brainstorm proposals for new clubs and ensure proper vetting takes place (curriculum, student needs, organic interest )
  • Work with existing head coaches before the end of year to plan for next academic year. This includes coach identification, supplementing leadership, recruiting new coaches etc
  • Create a End of season review for next year
  • Manage processes and handbook for efficient transitions
                    Technology and Innovation
                    • Grow the Technology and Innovation group and establish mission-based subcommittees with a high degree of empowerment, strong communication, and rapid information flow.
                    • Manage G*Suite (formerly Google Apps) for board members.
                    • Manage Collaborative website
                    • Commerce Integration for forms and donations
                    • Keeper of administration credentials for all the various services/utilities used by the Collaborative (e.g. Amazon Business, Jumbula, Donorbox, Kinsta, Mailchimp, etc.)
                    • Assist LEDs with back-end ticketing support for 39x conference (e.g. Eventbrite or similar 3rd party tools)
                    • Assist fundraising team with compiling statistics during 39DoG
                    • Assist with procurement of technology (e.g. computers, projectors, TV displays, etc.) used by the collaborative & campus
                    • Liaise with LEDs and coordinate timely renewals of any Collab funded educational software subscriptions (e.g. Literably, Lexia, etc.), the list of which is driven by their needs vs. what is already supplied by PUSD.

                    Non-Voting Committee Members

                    CA Coordinator

                    A support role for coordinating all the needed rosters and logistics for the 60+ classroom ambassadors across our classrooms.

                    • Create and continuously update the Ambassador Handbook google sheet which includes a contact list/roster for the LED’s and their assigned CA or CAs, the budget for the year (birthday, holiday and end of year gifts and homeroom connections) and important links and information.
                    • Manage and organize the Ambassador folder on the Collaborative drive and set the appropriate sharing roles depending on who should have access
                    • Manage the class roster and class contact list files, folders and sharing
                    • Assist the Director of Classroom Ambassadors with the CA Orientation presentation
                    • Create various surveys throughout the year including the CA Interest survey and for other feedback that is needed
                    • Track LED birthdays and send out a reminder to the appropriate CA’s each month
                    • Managing visual and communication design guidelines for collaborative and community to utilize for cohesive experience
                    • Support collaborative graphic day to day needs for communications, website, social media
                    • Lead design lifts as needed for photography, website, communication tools
                    • Lead spiritwear efforts with design refreshes for swag, vendors, and on campus display opportunities
                    Grants Committee Member

                    Assist the Grant Chair in reviewing and researching grants and voting on grant proposals

                    All roles are subject to approval by the Executive Committee and Board, due April 2024