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A brief description of roles & responsibilities of The D39C Collaborative Board

President (Member of the Executive Committee)
As the leader and member of the executive committee, the responsibilities of the President are the following, but not limited to:

  • Preside over and run all board meetings
  • Supervise and direct all activities of the board
  • Understand and look to implement board policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with the Design Facilitators and Facilitation Team on an ongoing basis
  • Engage in thoughtful interactions keeping the community’s best interest as a priority
  • Collaborate with all members of the board and build a shared vision
  • Build the culture of The D39C Collaborative
  • The President directly oversees the Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising, and Grants

Treasurer (Member of the Executive Committee)
Responsible for the big picture, longer-term financial demands, and day-to-day finances:

  • Manage all accounting transactions using an accounting software (Quickbooks)
  • Process account payables (reimbursements, payments to vendors, etc.)
  • Process account receivables (donations, grants, etc)
  • Reconcile credit card purchases and Amazon orders with credit card statement monthly
  • Reconcile each Quickbook account with bank statements monthly 
  • Provide Financial Reports to the board monthly
  • Assist with campus sales/events 
  • Work with school/district to balance campus purchases/expenses 
  • Carry out financial review/audit prior to deadline
  • File taxes and send out 1099s prior to deadline
  • Submit Statement of Information to the State of California prior to deadline
  • Assist with budget forecasting

Assistant Treasurer

  • Assist the Treasurer with the day to day finances
  • Manage all accounting transactions using an accounting software (Quickbooks)
  • Process account receivables/payables

Fundraising & Business Partners
Responsible for coordinating the fundraising activities for the school, raising $300,000+ per year for D39C.
The Fundraising Chair oversees the following key activities:

  • 39 Days of Giving campaign:  The annual direct ask of the campus community; this includes developing the direct mail piece in collaboration with the President and others, producing the mail piece, mailing, promoting the campaign, making solicitations, etc.
  • Corporate Sponsors:  The creation of the corporate sponsorship program, solicitation of sponsors and serving as the liaison between the school and corporate sponsors.
  • Donor Recognition:  Plan and organize annual donor recognition (statue and/or alternative).
  • Industry Partners: Identify opportunities to interact and connect with industry expert organizations and look to partner with them to provide Design39Campus exposure to these organizations

Grants Chair

  • Create and broadcast grant application
  • Revise grant criteria in conjunction with committee
  • Review and disseminate key points of proposals to committee
  • Facilitate a vote for approval
  • Communicate results of vote to applicants
  • Track grant finances and communicate balance to committee
  • Share out status of approved grants at monthly Collaborative board meeting

Director of Communications and Technology (Member of the Executive Committee)

  • Ensure that the Campus community is informed about the happenings on Campus and efforts of the Collaborative to support our community
  • Support the Secretary, Communications and Marketing Chairs, and the Technology Chair

Responsible for housing Collaborative files and documents for legal and historical purposes.

  • Maintain Collaborative binder containing the organization’s legal documents and records
  • Annually distribute, administer, and retain Conflict of Interest forms
  • Record minutes at all Board of Directors meetings
  • Distribute and store these records in the Drive
  • Reserve spaces on campus for any Collaborative events/needs through Facilitron
  • Liaise with PUSD to get events approved and paid for (event forms, insurance, etc.)

Communications Chair
Responsible for the overall Communications plan with all Collaborative channels. Emphasis on Internal Communications. Sub group is Public Relations or External Communications.

  • Field all Weekly Update communications from the Collaborative and aggregate
  • Run all Social Media platforms for the Collaborative
  • Overlay in meetings to help develop Communication plans for events, fundraising, etc.
  • Assist with design, promotion, fliers and awareness with other Collaborative groups (fundraising, Service39, Parent Education, Community & Culture Events, etc)
  • Update Collaborative News section with additional information not suitable for Weekly
  • Help identify External PR opportunities for D39 Campus and communicate these internally (Media Section of Collaborative site)
  • Passion projects: Designer Diaries, Social Media Share Day, Parent Perspective Blog

Technology & Innovation Chair
Responsible for helping the Collaborative board members and the parent community with technology needs as well as partnering with LEDs to integrate technology in the various grade spans.

  • Grow the Technology and Innovation group and establish mission-based subcommittees with a high degree of empowerment, strong communication, and rapid information flow.
  • Manage G*Suite (formerly Google Apps) for board members.
  • Manage Collaborative website
  • Commerce Integration for forms and donations
  • Assist with procurement of technology applications used by the collaborative & campus
  • Seek out innovation & technology engagements for the classroom

Director of Parent Volunteers (Member of the Executive Committee)
Responsible for assisting the President in the following, but not limited to:

  • Prepare and revise annual budgets, help plan and facilitate monthly board meeting agendas, and preside over board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Supervise the Student Enrichment Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, and the Nominations Chair

Parent Volunteer Chair
Recruit parent volunteers based on their superpowers for upcoming Campus volunteer needs.

  • Determine Campus volunteer needs and assist Chair, Leaders, LEDs, and the Welcome Center in finding volunteers for events
  • Ensure that parents are in compliance with Level 1 and Level 2 District requirements

Student Enrichment Chair(s)
Responsible for bridging our volunteers, students, LEDs and the campus by providing leadership and guidance to continually improve the various academic, athletic and arts programs we offer currently on campus.

  • Work with collaborative members (Finance, Tech, Communications, etc) to successfully run a plethora of clubs on campus
  • LED led programs: support LED’s with programs initiated by them (higher priority)
  • Host SE Info Night start of the year
  • Set requirements for tech team to improve SE tech experience for students, coaches
  • Maintain/ensure central student/volunteer roster is current and accessible
  • Oversee SE finance, monitor and approve Club expenses
  • Manage head coach/leadership recruitment when there is a transition
  • Evaluate/brainstorm proposals for new clubs and ensure proper vetting takes place (curriculum, student needs, organic interest )
  • Work with existing head coaches before the end of year to plan for next academic year. This includes coach identification, supplementing leadership, recruiting new coaches etc
  • End of season review

Director of Classroom Ambassadors (Member of the Executive Committee)
Responsible for assisting the President in the following, but not limited to:

  • Prepare and revise annual budgets, help plan and facilitate monthly board meeting agendas, and preside over board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Supervise the Ambassador Chairs and Class Ambassadors for each grade span, support Class Ambassadors in creating positive relationships between the LEDs and the community, and assist with connecting events planned by various grade spans

Ambassador39 (4 positions, one each for grades TK/K, 1-3, 4-5 and 6-8)
Responsible for building positive relationships and communication between LED’s/Staff and parents with the vision of helping every person within our campus feel a sense of fulfillment and belonging.

  • Develop a whole campus staff roster including emails, room numbers and their budgets for the year (birthdays, holiday, end of year and connecting events)
  • Develop an Ambassador roster for every staff member who is in need of a liaison
  • Communicate relevant homeroom information from campus and collaborative to the ambassadors, ambassador relay it to their homeroom parents
  • Obtain rosters of both parent emails per homeroom
  • Develop year long vision plan of to-do’s and events
  • Plan and book dates if all connecting events throughout the year including the event form submittals
  • Update staff favorites lists
  • LED breakfast and relationship building events. Including a meet and greet with ambassadors before the school year starts
  • Ambassador relationship building events
  • Build relationships with our LEDs to fulfill their request of needs, incorporate their request for homeroom volunteers and connection opportunities

Director of Community and Culture (Member of the Executive Committee)
Support the Community, Culture, and Equity Inclusion Chairs as they maintain the Campus Community, Culture, while keeping equity and inclusion at the forefront.

  • Support and supervise Campus events that help support community and culture

Community Chair
Responsible for planning the events that draw the members of the campus community together.  Plan several large campus wide events to celebrate the start and end of school, including:

  • Experience39 (August) welcoming everyone to the start of the school year
  • Master Sports Day: two field days (one for TK-5, another for 6-8) for students to enjoy towards the end of the year
  • Recruiting volunteers to support Experience39 and Master Sports Day

Culture Chair

  • Responsible for planning the event that celebrates our diversity and Campus culture
  • Passport39, a multicultural event celebrating the cultural diversity on campus
  • Staff Appreciation Week, celebrating our LEDs and staff on campus
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with Passport39 and Staff Appreciation Week

Equity and Inclusion Chair

  • Communicate with Design Facilitators, Facilitation Team, and LEDs about ensuring Equity and Inclusion education in the Campus Community 
  • Collaborate with fellow board members to ensure equity & inclusion are at the forefront of organizing activities related to the collaborative
  • Collaborate with the D39C staff, equity team, PUSD & external groups and bring all points of view to the forefront

Nominations and Board Development Chair

  • Work with The D39C Collaborative, families in Design39Campus, Staff, LEDs and Design Facilitators to ensure there is a constant pipeline of interest for the Board in current and future years 
  • Bring on board individuals into the collaborative funnel into various committees and help build the capacity of the board

Below are some Lead roles that are non-board positions but critical to our campus needs

Spiritwear Lead (non-board)

  • Bid and negotiate pricing on spirit wear from several vendors
  • Pick spirit wear line including articles of clothing and color choices
  • Work with the designers on new logos
  • Set pricing on articles of clothing and work with finance to stay within budget
  • Sell spirit wear at Experience39 and other campus events
  • Work with vendor to set up the website

Service39 Lead (non-board)
Purpose is to engage and involve D39C families to volunteer their time and talent to better our campus, our local, and global communities.  Our hope is to collaborate together – students, LEDs and parents to find opportunities to serve that align with our Design39 philosophy of empathy, giving, kindness and compassion. Areas include:

  • Volunteer Opportunities for Service Projects
  • LED/Homeroom Service Project Support
  • Family Support

Traffic & Safety Support Lead (non-board)
Provide support for the campus in the following areas

  • Signs for traffic and pedestrian flow
  • Pedestrian crossing guard volunteering support
  • Community awareness and engagement for safety
  • Campus initiatives related to safety including the playground

Finance Committee (assisting the board)

  • Assist the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer with maintaining the bookkeeping system 
  • Assist in procurement and other financial management activities

Grants Committee (assisting the board, working with the Grants Chair)

  • Assist the Grant Chair in reviewing and researching grants and voting on grant proposals

D39C Business Partners Lead (working with the Fundraising Chair)


Staff Appreciation Lead (working with the Culture Chair)


Garden Lead (working with our Community Chair)


Volunteer Appreciation Lead (working with our Parent Volunteers Chair)


Experience39 Lead (working with our Community Chair)


Sports Field Day Lead (working with our Community Chair)


39x Lead (supporting the Campus in running the 39x conference)


You are also able to serve on various committees where parents contribute to make a difference in the Design39Campus community.