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How Far Are You Going?

By: Anjali and Meghna, 4-5 School News Team

Did you know 91.7 percent of the 4-5 grades are going on a vacation for Christmas break.

Many 4th and 5th graders at Design39Campus are going on vacation over this Holiday Break. Where are they going and why? That is what Anjali and Meghna from the 4-5 School News Team are wondering! Time to discover how far people are going and why! Time to explore the world of vacations, come join us!

The first person we interviewed is a 5th grader at Design39Campus named Laurel McCrary. She has a tradition of going to a Hawaiian island every Christmas break. Can you guess which island she is going to this year? The hint is it starts with a K. She is going to Kauai! Kauai is the 4th largest island and stretches a wide 552 miles.

Wow!  Another 5th grader at Design39Campus is also going to Hawaii, although she is going for a different reason.  Her family wants to go because they all love activity and what this island has to offer. They thought Kauai would be a great adventure and they are so excited to go! This student stated, “I am so excited for all the new experiences the island holds!” A few activities you can do at Kauai would include swimming, snorkeling, hiking and mountain tubing.

Cole, a 5th grader at Design39Campus is going to Chicago, Illinois this winter break. It’s a tradition in his family to go there every winter break. They have family that lives at Chicago and they enjoy going there to visit family.They always see a movie or go sledding. Some other things that can be done there are, ice skating, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo and see the zoo lights, or you can even go to their famous art museums.

Finally, we have Izzy, a fifth grader at D39C who is going to Connecticut. Izzy loves going to Connecticut because all of her father’s side lives in Connecticut. She enjoys going to her grandmother’s house and her grandmother lives on a lake. Some activities that Izzy loves to do in Connecticut would include the following, ice skating and sledding. A few things you can do other than what Izzy likes to do would be, look around the tourist attractions like Yale university. So if you ever go to Connecticut, have fun!

Many people love winter break to have a vacation and relax. I hope you enjoyed this article and whether you are traveling near and far always remember that the holidays are  a time to celebrate with your family and friends. Enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year!!!









  1. Anonymous

    I'm doing very good at school the sky is the limit

  2. Jade stone

    I did not know that 91.7% of kids would go on vacation. That is a very good fact.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks! It is astonishing. Right?