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Ms. Rayle : A New Face in the Crowd

Ms. Rayle : A New Face in the Crowd
By Lauren M. and Tori E. – School News Reporters

As the new school year starts, kids and teachers all over D39C look for new faces throughout our school. One of those new faces is Ms. Rayle. Ms. Rayle is a new K-1 teacher at Design39Campus. On August 25, 2015 we interviewed her to get to know her a little bit more. Here are some of the answers we got back from her.
Q : Why did you choose to come to D39C?
A : “I was looking for something new and exciting.” Also, a D39C teacher she knew before introduced her to an opening in the K-1 section.

Q : What school did you work at before? What grade did you teach?
A : Ms. Rayle used to work at Doyle Elementary School. She worked in Special Education, grades K-5.

Q : How is D39C different from your old school?
A : “It’s a unique change, but I’m really looking forward to it,” Ms. Rayle explains.

Q : Who are the teachers that you knew before you worked here?
A : Mrs. Kasner (K-1) and Ms. Jennings (4-5)

Q : How many years have you been teaching?
A : 20 years

Q : How much do you have your kids use their devices in class?
A : Ms. Rayle’s kids have just started learning how to use their devices. She likes the idea of doing work on devices. At her old school, she worked with devices, so not much is new to her when talking about devices.

Q : Do you use the guiding principles in your classroom?
A : “ Yes, I tell my kids they are designers!” Ms. Rayle proudly explains.
Q : Is there a special way you teach in your classroom?
A : Ms. Rayle likes to have her kids think for themselves. She also loves when they are creative.

As you walk the halls of D39C, maybe you can give Ms. Rayle a warm welcome to this wonderful school.