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This Year Wrapped!

By Aavi S.

This year was an amazing year for Design39Campus, and everyone learned so much! In this article, we will learn about the biggest things each grade did! Let’s jump right in! I know that you are asking so yes, this title was insiped by the yearbook.


This year the kindergarteners hosted an animal and plant exhibition. They learned about a mammal of their choice, and had a writing piece about it. They also made a diorama about their animal. They also made stuffed animals and pouces. They sold these at the makerfair (all information comes for Ms. Sacramento’s long-term sub, a kindergarten LED).

1st Grade:

This year the first graders spent a lot of time on the Social Emotional Exibition. They learned about how our choices affect the world arould us. They studied topics relating to consumerism. They also learned about cause and effect and social emotional stratiges. To showcase thier work they had prsentaions, made writing pecies, and made artwork (all information comes form Mrs. Vakil, a 1st grade LED).

2nd Grade:

This year 2nd graders spent a lot of time learning about climate change. They learned about the difference between climate and weather. They also spent time learning about butterflies and pocket mice. They also did math with rain, where they saw how much rain fell. They made Rain Gauges for the. They spent time understanding how San Diego’s weather is changing. They also made poems and a non-fiction book about climate and weather. Finally, they spent time finding out how they can help stop climate change (all information comes from Ms. Cambra-Adamson, a ½ LED).

3rd Grade:

The 3rd graders spent a lot of time doing Maker39. It’s a program where kids make their own businesses and sell products. It starts right after winter break, and kids come up with ideas for a business. Then comes pitch day, where kids pitch their ideas to a “shark tank” and ask for investments. Businesses that get investments move on. If your business did not get an investment, it’s time to get a job! Kids create resumes and apply to other businesses. Once all the businesses are finalized and they have all the members, it’s time to start production! Kids create all the products that they need. They also need to find out the price, and the packaging. They also start to market their products with websites and photos. Then finally, the day comes. They sell their product at the MakerFair, where kids from the whole school and parents come. Then, once they get the money, they pay back their investments. They also plant trees with a small part of the profit. The rest of the profit goes to an organization of their choice, one that they have reached much about. This is a little about Maker39, 3rd grade’s biggest achievement this year (all information comes from an interview with Ms. Galindo, a 3rd grade LED).

4th/5th Grade:

4/5 has been spending a lot of time learning about the gold rush. They read a book, called “By the Great Horn Spoon,” which takes place in the late 1840s. While reading the book they learn a lot about the Gold Rush and what happened in it. They also made maps that showed how the Gold Rush looked. Learning about the Gold Rush was part of a larger unit about California. In addition to the Gold Rush, students learned about the settlement of California, the missions, and much more about California’s history. To top this off, they had “Gold Rush Day” where kids experienced the life of a gold miner. This is a little about the ⅘’s biggest achievement, learning about the Gold Rush (all information comes from Mr. Waldorf, a 4th-grade LED).

6th Grade:

This year 6th graders spent time to learn about change. In science they learned about how the earth changes and why it looks like it does. They also learned about cells and evolution. In math they learned about data and probability. In social studies they learned about ancient civilizations and how humans have changed over time. They also learned about how the past influences the present and future. At the end of the year they did a refection about how they changed this year (all information comes from Mrs. Bryant, a 6th grade LED).

7th Grade:

This year 7th grade spent a lot of time on a change project. They tried to make something connected to STEM and humanities. It was supposed to be 3D. They might have used clay, paper mache, or 3D printing. They also had to explain how they made it with the design process. They also had to look at something in history that had a connection to STEM (all information comes from Ms. Grimmer, a 7th grade LED).

8th Grade:

8th graders leard about many things this year. In math they tried different ways to learn math. They would rotate between these strategies. In science they made physics video projects and and a parody of a song that taught people about science. In social studies they learned about american history, like the civil and revolutionary wars. They also learned about the constitution. Moving away from the U.S, they learned about european and south american geography. They also had a poetry project and learned about the 1800’s (all information comes for Mr. Jacobson, an 8th grade LED).

Congratulations on a great year, D39C!!