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Get to Know the New LEDs! By: Aavi S., Benjamin N., and Brayden W.

Ms. Kara Miller

  1. What is your role at D39C?

    I am a Kindergarten LED.

  2. Do you eat the crust of the pizza?       

    I love to eat Dominos’s Pizza and I like the crust.

  3. Do you like your steak medium rare or well-done? 

    I do not eat steak. I think it is too chewy and it’s like a workout for my mouth.  

  4. What was your favorite thing to do during quarantine?

    I got into painting and spent time with my sister.

  5. Why did you get into teaching?

    It’s been a passion of mine since I was so little and I knew I wanted to teach since I was 5. I have a lot of teachers in my family and seeing how great they were had a large influence on me. My second-grade teacher was also a great inspiration.

  6. Where did you study education?

    I graduated from California State University Chico in 2021. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Child Development, and then just last year I went to Cal State San Marcos to do my Multiple Subject Credential. 

  7. What did you do before you came here?

    I was a student teacher and a student in college. I grew up in the Poway School District and have loved it since.

  8. Why did you want to join D39C?

    I student-taught here last year in a 3rd-grade class with Mrs. Clarkson and I did the 1/2 multiage with Judy Caraang. I just fell in love with the way that this school taught and how they really believed in having student agency and going through the design process and having those design challenges.