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A Day In A 6/7/8 Life

By: Cora, Ayush, Olivia, Kinsley, and Tyler

Design39Campus has a unique schedule for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Their schedule alternates between A and B days. For example, if Thursday is a B day, then Friday is an A day, Monday will be another B Day, and so on. Students have 6 blocks total, with half of their blocks on A days and the other half on B Days. Students’ schedules vary depending on their grades and homeroom classes. 

6th Grade

On A days, 6th graders have three core academic blocks. They start the day with Maths or Humanities and then switch STEM or Humanities classes for their second block. After lunch, they finish with Science or Humanities. 

On B days, 6th graders will have MIM (Minds in Motion) first thing in the morning. After MiM, students have homeroom classes. During homeroom, 6th graders have read alouds and do Second Step lessons. Second Step lessons are a digital platform that each 6th grader has. We call it a digital journal. The Second Step slides are social emotional lessons about setting goals, adjusting to middle school, and learning to be an upstander to bullying. After homeroom and MiM, students have a core academic block for Maths, Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts. If their homeroom LED is their STEM teacher, they would go to their Humanities LED or vice versa. All 6/7/8 students have two LEDs, one for STEM and one for Humanities. After lunch, all 6/7/8 students have their workshop elective classes. 

6/7/8 Workshops

All middle schoolers choose two workshops per trimester. D39C has a wide variety of workshops such as Photography, Journalism, Mosaics, Ceramics, and Craft39. The PLTW (Project Lead the Way) workshop is required one trimester per year and takes the full two hours of workshop time after lunch. In total, students get up to 5 workshop elective choices per school year.

7th Grade

On A days, 7th grade students go to MiM as soon as school starts. After MiM, students attend encore in their homeroom. Encore is a time to get any homework you may have completed, or at least worked on. It gives you extra time to get things done (which is very useful in 7th grade). After encore, students go to their second block teacher for either STEM or Humanities. When students get back from lunch, they have their final block of the day back with their homeroom teachers for STEM or Humanities again. On B days, 7th grade students start in their homeroom class food STEM or Humanities. After that, students go to their second block, which is the opposite of their first block class. They finish B days with Workshop classes.

8th Grade

While 8th grade students follow an A-B schedule, they also alternate between home and away days. Home days are when, after MiM, students attend their homeroom teacher’s class. On away days, after MiM, students attend their second block class.

On A days, students start off the day with a short working block in their homeroom class. Then, they go to MiM. Next, students have a STEM, math or science, or Humanities class. Whichever class they didn’t have before lunch, they will attend after lunch to finish off the day.

On B days, students start in their homeroom LED’s class. After that, they go to their second block class for STEM or Humanities. Then, students finish off their day with Workshops after lunch.


If you want to learn more about the middle school experience at D39C, watch our interviews with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to get a glimpse into our everyday life. 

Interview with Tyler and 6th Grader, Dylan.

7th Grade Interview with Gemma and Kinsley

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