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About Nourish your Soul Parent Connection Event

D39C Parent Connecting Event: Nourish Your Soul

This one’s for YOU, parents! Feed your mind, intellect, and soul in this special connecting event. Come grab some dinner, join in on one of three relevant and intriguing discussion topics in a small group, then come together to connect with your peers and principal Joe Erpelding. This event has a capacity of 100 adults and 60 child care spots (ages 4+ only)(children will be fed dinner as well).

***Please sign up for the topic you are most interested in choosing. If RSVP’ing for more than one person, please choose 1 person for each topic.

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Topics include:

Vanessa Hsieh-Park, Elevating Humanity in our Own Backyard: When we think about making a difference in the world, we often think of natural disasters, resource-poor regions,  and other global causes that we don’t experience in the 92127 bubble. But adversity sees no boundaries, and affects people in our midst locally, often in ways that are much more relatable for us.  Come hear how the Design 39 community and neighbors have been supporting one of our own through a parent’s journey with cancer, and be inspired to find your own cause close to home.

Bob Doustdar, Connecting the dots between work, family, and education: The world is changing at such a fast pace, our children’s lives are vastly different than the world in which we grew up.  How do you stay true to your values while balancing the unending demands between work, family, and education. One new D39 family shares their story of how they try to manage it all and what brought them to D39.

Som Shahapurkar, AI & the Future: We hear a lot about AI (Artificial-Intelligence) taking over our livelihood in the coming years. Hollywood even portrays robots taking over our world – Skynet anyone?  Then there are the two-word terms like machine-learning, deep-learning, neural-networks, big-data, data-science. What are they? Should you care? Where are the biggest challenges, opportunities and applications. What are the potential risks of AI? What are some of the ethical and moral considerations of AI? Can machine-learning really predict the future? How can you prepare your children for a future with AI? How can you future-proof yourself?


Thanks for joining our 39x Event!