D39C LED led National History Day (NHD) SE Club

Are you in 4-8th grade and enjoy reading and writing? Would you love a long-term research project connected to any historical, scientific or other topic connected to the theme of  “Triumph and Tragedy?” Are you self-motivated and fairly independent?

This D39C LED led after-school research enrichment class will run from October-March every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00 pm. In this class, students will choose a topic connected to the theme of Triumph and Tragedy, and will be offered a chance to compete at the San Diego County Office of Education to represent our school in a National History Day competition. Students will all have opportunities to showcase their learning. The course will have academic checkpoints to ensure students are meeting deadlines. Parent volunteers and support at home may be needed.

Please sign up here : http://www.design39collaborative.org/student-enrichment/d39-club-interest-form/

(select ‘NHD’). Signups will be accepted through 10/15/2018

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