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A Place for New Food

A Place for New Food
Article By: Julia and Riley
   School News Reporters

The Design39Campus cafeteria is brand new and ready to serve food to the 6th and 7th graders. They’ve added new foods as well such as salads, pizza, burgers, and pasta. Along with those wonderful meal choices, for an additional amount of money, you can purchase ice cream, soda, chips, brownies, and cookies. If you would enjoy a larger lunch, you can go to the full meal lunch line and purchase more food. Or if you are looking for some food, but maybe not a full meal, then the snack line has plenty to offer as well.  The lunch ladies are as nice as ever! Just ask for a food option on display and they’ll give it to you just like that!

The design of the structure is just like a buffet! And who doesn’t like buffets? Here are some of the students opinions from Design39!

“Well I think that there are a lot of choices. Also, the middle schoolers need more food to grow taller so this is a great idea,” -Eurielle, grade 6

“I think that the new food options are yummy.” -Fiona, grade 6

“I like the cafeteria food choices, I think that they’re good choices and I like that there are alternative choices.” -Bella, grade 7

“I think they’re better than the old cafeteria choices because there’s more to chose from.” -Ava, grade 6

This new cafeteria is a great part of this school and will help feed all the new kids to come!




  1. EurielleClarissa

    Good Job!

  2. Maia Kristensen

    Yum! This food is good! I know this article is old, but you did a wonderful job on it. I hope you continue to write more articles in the future! Go School News!