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Carnival39 Is Coming Back, Better Than Ever!

Date – November 7, 2015
Time – 11 am- 3pm
    Carnival39 Is Coming Back, Better Than Ever!
                                           By: Cadence, Kira, and Tamara

At the end of last year, D39C parent Linda Manning  had been working for six months on the successful, Carnival39. Last year, many people came to the first annual Carnival39. The carnival included a Hamster Ball, a Zipline (which was the most popular), an American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, and more. They even invited a famous Kendama professional to come to this amazing carnival. “This year is going to be better than ever!” Linda excitingly told us when we asked her about the second annual event!

This year will have a BMX show and different special guest, Robert Castillo, a pro BMX rider!  There will be a large variety of foods and sweets this year. Some things to munch on are popcorn and (the best yet) fresh donuts! The food trucks (Super Q, Organic Food Truck, and Tacos La Mezcla) will be returning for the carnival this year! For the adults, there will be a coffee cart for a little recharge.

Most activities are coming back but there are some new things coming this year. This year we will have the zipline, a photo booth, a crazy hair booth, a trackless train, lazer tag, and ceramic painting.

We hope to see you at this year’s Carnival39. Thank you Mrs.Manning for your time and effort in creating this spectacular event for everyone to enjoy!




  1. Anonymous

    Would love to fill out the exploration survey! Says I need permission? Kind of confused.

  2. D39C

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  3. Blog

    Very well done blog post! I found myself lost reading it because it was so interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    Well done! In fact, the carnival was very fun and exiting. That told me you did a fantastic job of describing this event. It must have been really fun writing this too!