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The New Teacher in Town

The New Teacher in Town
By:  Sasha, Taylor, and Maia

FullSizeRender 3.jpgOn August 20th,  we got the chance to interview Mrs. Ozakcay, the new K1 teacher, about how she likes Design39Campus.  We asked what her what she liked about the school  so far and of course her answer was, “the students.”

Mrs. Ozakcay taught Kindergarten before coming to Design39Campus and the reason for that is because she loves starting when they are young and just starting their education. She adores the fact that the school is based around the design thinking process. Her and her pod have already taught kindergarteners all about Design Thinking.
We asked Mrs. Ozakcay when and why she decided to teach at Design39Campus.  She said that last spring when she was talking to the mom of one of her old students,  she told her about how each morning her daughter woke up and was really excited to go to school.   Right away, Mrs. Ozakcay knew she wanted to here teach at our school.

We also asked if she  enjoyed teaching the style you do a D39C or do you prefer traditional learning? I like the way we teach here better and that is one of the reasons I switched.

Thank you Mrs. Ozakcay for the interview and giving your point of view to the community.




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