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Architecture of Design39Campus

Architecture of Design39Campus
Written By: Kate Rozell & Julia Wang

From the outside of the school to the internal heart where the learning happens, you can be assured that the architecture and design of Design39Campus is cozy and comfortable for all the students.


The whiteboard walls scattered around the school campus in the Collaboratories and classrooms, are great for writing down your thoughts on a large surface. Other people can write down and share their thoughts and ideas on it as well.

As you can see, the Collaboratory is a large and friendly environment with comfortable seating and guitar pick shaped tables that are literally made for collaborating!

“The Gallery”

Presentations are also a great way to share your opinions, thoughts, and facts. A great area in the school to share presentations is the Gallery. There are three large TVs for digital presentations and a large area at the bottom of the seats for physical presentations.

The large stair-like seats are suitable for small children and include a handicap section. The steps on the left side make it easier to climb to the top and have an overall view of the presentation. Another cool feature about the Gallery is the tall ceilings. The tall ceilings echo your voice and make it seem louder. That way everybody can hear your voice, your opinion, and your facts and thoughts.

In the Gallery, there are 3 little holes that kids normally call the “cheese holes”. They are for the students to sit inside and read silently, or work on an assignment with a partner or by themselves. They can fit up to approximately 2 people each, so groups of kids can collaborate and work together.

“The Loft”

Yes, the cheese holes and the Gallery are great places to read, but where do the students get the books? At the top of the stairs, there is a little place called the Loft. There are studios, bookshelves, and whiteboard tables for students to work with. The studios have soundproof glass walls, that give the teacher the ability to keep an eye on their students while letting them quietly collaborate.

IMG_2867.JPGThere are many, many books in the Loft that you can take home, read, and turn back in. This makes it a “library”. But this library is a unique library.

If you enjoy a book so much, but you don’t know where to buy it, you could ask the Mrs. Hamilton to keep the book as your own. There is not a “check out system” at D39C, but students do get to go in the Loft at lunch and grab any book they like, and bring it back when they are done. There may be some conflict about losing books and money. Well, all of the books are donated by D39C families and more books are donated than taken.

The whiteboard tables are clean surfaces to write on with expo markers so when you leave, you can take a picture of your ideas, and then erase the tables for other students to use. The green chairs placed under the whiteboard tables have wheels so you can roll around collaborating with multiple groups without yelling across the room.

“The Showcase”

Once the students are done with half of their classes, it’s time for lunch! The students can either eat at the cafeteria or eat in an open air conditioned area called the Showcase. There are larger and longer tables in the Showcase so your huge group of friends can sit at one table and have fun during lunch. But during the rest of the school day, what is the Showcase used for? Well, the Showcase is used for musical theatre and school presentations. The Showcase not only comes with large tables, but it also has a stage and a projector.

“Rolling Fire Doors”

Although this school is a very fun and safe place, there are natural disasters that occur. One natural disaster is fire. Fire can get into the school and harm students. But Design39Campus has thought of everything! Firewalls go down during a fire so if the fire is in that area, it will be blocked off. This way firefighters can put the fire out in a contained area and students can flee safely.

As you can see, Design39Campus is a very fun, safe, and educational place to learn. Students will have fun whether it’s the education, architecture, or furniture. Come check out this amazing architecture in a tour of the school!



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