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Save water, Save San Diego

Save water, Save San Diego- start with one drop

My name is Tej and I am in 3rd grade. I would like to talk to everyone in D39C about conserving water at school because our city and state is having a drought- which means we are losing water and we won’t have any water if we continue to waste water.

I have 3 ideas to conserve water at school. My first idea is for kids and adults to have a water bottle at all times because if 100 kids don’t have water bottle and they use water fountain there is wastage of water due to spillage.

My second idea is to not keep the water running when washing hands. My third idea is that kids should not fill up the sink to wash their hands as it wastes way too much water than what they really need.

Hope that these ideas come in handy for water conservation. I am happy to create posters and put them around the school, if it helps.

And people reading this blog post; if you have any ideas or would like to help conserve water we can team up together.


Tej, grade 3



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  1. Sasha

    Great job I will conserve as much water as i can