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The Fitness Test

The Fitness Test
By: Alex Nelson, Natalia Teta, and Lauren Cox, 4-5 School News Team

Are you in fifth or seventh grade, and nervous about the Fitness Test? Well here is some information about the fitness test that you should know! It starts in February and ends in April.

What is the Fitness Test?
The Fitness Test includes six areas. You will get multiple choices for 3 of 6 tests. Students will be tested on each and the best score is the one that goes to the State of California. These tests determine if you are in the Healthy Fitness Zone. You will be scored on each of the 6 fitness areas. The goal is to pass all 6 out of 6.

How Many Tests are in the Fitness Test?

  • Aerobic

  1. PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run)

  1. One-Mile Run

  • Upper Body Strength                

  1. Push Ups

  1. Flexed Arm Hang

  • Flexibility

  1. Sit and Reach

  1. Shoulder Stretch

  • Curl Ups
  • Trunk Lift
  • Body Mass Index (Height and Weight)

How Can You Keep Yourself Prepared

Here at Design 39, 4/5 grade MiM teachers have been preparing the students for the Fitness Test. Students are practicing curl ups, push ups, & trunk lifts. One day out of your MiM, the fitness teacher, Mrs. Zingg, will visit your MiM class. She will help you practice all the tests in the fitness test. Since this will only happen once in each of your MiM classes, you should practice these at home.
If you are willing to devote your time to practice at home, then feel free to practice doing 10 or more push-ups, curl-ups, and trunk lifts. Try and see how high you can get with trunk lifts. If you don’t do more than 10-12 inches for the trunk lift; don’t worry, you will still get a lot of time at MiM to do exercising.

Fitness Test Scores

To completely be in the Healthy Fitness Zone with other students of your age and gender, you will need to pass all of the 6 tests. Your results will then go to the State of California if you are in 5th or 7th grade.  
Last year, here at D39C, only 53% of our school passed 6 out of 6 tests. 26% passed 5 out of 6 tests. The fifth and seventh graders really need to step it up this year. 
“Being healthy when you’re young leads to a healthy lifestyle. The goal at D39C is to have 80% of our fifth and seventh graders pass 6 out of 6 this year.” -Mrs. Zingg.




  1. Someone Out There

    Sit and Reach, sorry

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    Thanks that really helped!! I am in 5th grade and it is good to know

  3. Someone Out There

    Thanks that really helped!! I am in 5th grade and it is good to know

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