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Troopin’ with the Teachers

    Troopin’ with the Teachers    
By Anjali and Meghna, 4-5 School News Team
If  you get stung by a bee, or a scrape on your knee, where do you go? Ms. Tara! We all know Ms.Tara as the school health technician or the one you go to to get a band-aid, but we wanted to know more about her.

          We decided to go out and ask D39’ers about our very own health technician. We interviewed a few students and one of her office peers, Mrs. Stone.

          Ms. Tara is always very fun to go to because she is always smiling. Ms. Tara is not just the health technician at our school, she also has a HUGE fun side as well. Mrs. Stone had a story to share, ”I pulled up next to Ms.Tara one day after school and I mouthed “let’s race.” Once the light turned green Ms. Tara squealed ahead in her car.” Ms. Tara probably knew it was a joke but did it for fun anyway.
“She’s a good team player and makes coming to school fun,” said Mrs. Stone. She is the “energizer bunny” and provides  kids with what they  need when they need it.  Calista, a 5th grader at D39C , said, ”Ms. Tara is a very kind hearted person.”

Another question we asked people was what would you do if Ms. Tara was not a part of our D39C family?  Many said that they would feel uncomfortable not seeing the same familiar face everytime they go to the nurse. “ The school would feel empty,” said Payton, a 5th grader at D39C.  

Ms. Tara has made many kids comfortable by making them smile and laugh when they are injured. “She always has a happy tone of voice and she always smiles, and by always I mean ALWAYS,”Anjali said. Thanks Ms. Tara!
Next time you  get a scrape on your knee, or get stung by a bee, remember who to call, MS. TARA !





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    Great Job on this article. I really like how you put your first sentence as a question.

  4. Sasha

    Awesome!!!!!!! It really explains who Ms. Tara is.

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    Awesome job! I think you guys did an amazing job on this article! This information is also very true!

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    Gives a lot of information on Ms. Tara, I like it

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