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The Giving Tree

By Kolby Bradshaw, Bella Watson, and Lauren Medley


Design39Campus is feeling generous this Christmas and has set up a Giving Tree. The Giving Tree is a fake tree where you take a piece of paper that has an item that a family in need requested. You can donate the item through the Welcome Center and they will help by giving it to the families that have fallen upon hard times.

The Giving Tree has items that can be purchased for everyone, including toddlers, children, and parents. Some items that were requested consists gift cards, clothing for small children, shoes, nail polish, and even microwaves!

Remember, this is all for a good cause, so come on down to the Welcome Center and lend a ‘hand’ to help those in need.  If you want to donate, just make sure you give the items to the Welcome Center before Dec. 18!




  1. Teagan

    I really like this giving tree. Its cleaver

  2. Anonymous

    I liked all of the items that you put on there

  3. Carolina

    This is a really creative idea

  4. Anonymous

    I didn't even know that this was there or what it was so this article is really informative about it.

  5. Anonymous

    I really like this Idea!

  6. Anonymous

    I really like the idea of the giving tree.