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6/7/8 Dance and What to Expect By: Nicholas E., Brit F., Dhruv A., and Brayden W.

Walking into a Winter Wonderland this 6/7/8 dance! But if you don’t know what to expect, we’re here for you. The dance will be from 6-8pm on Friday November 4th. Food, music, and activities will be provided, but we will go into that later. We’ll start with Spirit Week leading up to the dance and then focus more on what to expect and what you will need to get into the dance. 

Spirit Week

Spirit week will be taking place in the week leading up to the dance. Starting with Monday, we have PJ day, so get cozy! On Tuesday, kick off your sandals and lean back cause Hawaiian day is up next. You can wear your favorite Hawaiian Shirt to school. Leis will also be provided. Up next, we have a matching day on Wednesday. Go ahead, grab a friend or two, and wear the same thing to school. You can also wear all black to be matching with everyone! Thursday is Ugly Sweater and Flannel day, throw on that ugly sweater and come on down to school. To end the week, wear your grade’s Winter Wonderland color to school. 6th Grade is wearing white, 7th blue, and 8th purple. Colored beads will be passed out to each grade at the beginning of the day so everyone can show their spirit. If this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry, everything that takes place on spirit week is optional.


Food is something people always look forward to coming into the dance, and this year is no exception. The main course will be pizza with sides, drinks, and desserts, all themed of course! Emily M. even claims that there should be hot chocolate at the dance. There will also be snacks and fruit. Don’t worry, there are accounting for Gluten-free, Fructose-free, vegetarian and vegan options. 


There are going to be plenty of activities to do besides the obvious dancing. Some of these activities are cornhole, ring toss, giant Jenga, Spikeball, puzzles, board games, snowflake-making, and three different photo booths! If you want a place to chill and relax away from the dance, the Quiet Room (In the Counseling center) is open for you to come in.


We interviewed multiple members of the Lead39 Dance team and they said that there were be 5 different performances. Some of these are singing and playing instruments. Symphony, an 8th grade member of the dance committee says, “There is going to be something very entertaining, I’ll say that.” Sadly, she didn’t give any hints on what it could be.

How Things Were Chosen 

Everything that has been chosen has not been just by the Lead39 dance team. Although they made certain decisions that other students did not have a say in, mainly locations and narrowing down song requests. Students were told by their LED to fill out an empathy survey containing information that informed key decisions in the development of the dance. This included choosing what theme, time of the dance, food, activities, and music.

What To Know Coming

There are a couple things that you need to know before coming to the dance. One of those things is how to dress. You will be expected to wear something semi-formal, but it isn’t required. Think picture day clothes. You will also need your student ID to enter the dance. You can get in without it, but it may take a bit longer. The last thing you need to know is that there is a bag check before you enter the dance. Students are encouraged to leave their devices at home so that they can focus on connecting and enjoying the dance.

Now that you know the main events that will be at the dance, I hope you better understand what there will be and what to expect. Hopefully this will get rid of any unwanted surprises that may come up while at the dance. With this, we leave you to keep walking in a Winter Wonderland.