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A 1/2 Day in the Life By: Meena A.


Once students arrive at school, they unpack and head off to Mix-And-Mingle. Mix-And-Mingle is a time that they can socialize and use the classroom’s tools with the goal of creating. Students get to meet new people from different classes and design using colored pencils, blocks, Legos, and any of the other classroom materials to get their creativity flowing.

Students then go back to their classroom and settle down for a Morning Meeting. During Morning Meeting, students go around and share things about their weekend, or what they’ve been up to over the past few days, or new things that they’re learning outside school.


After Morning Meeting, students get ready for a math lesson with a warm-up. These warm-ups consist of visuals, such as puzzles like “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” This is an open-ended warm up to get ideas flowing, where students come up with ideas and reasoning for why different shapes don’t belong in a set. Afterwards, the LED in the classroom begins the lesson. Currently, students are learning to prove their reasoning for how they arrived at an answer in different ways, and different strategies to double check their work.


After the math lesson, students go to a morning body break, where they can have a quick snack and get ready for more learning.


Students then go to read-aloud, where they all sit down to listen to their LED read a book. Most classes in 1/2 are reading Charlotte’s Web.


Afterwards, students get to participate in an activity that some LEDs call ‘Playlist’ or ‘Daily 5.’ During this time, students can choose activities to work on, including ‘Word Work,’ where they can practice spelling and punctuation, writing, reading, technology, or math. This is a time to practice things you’ve learned or worked on earlier in the day, or learn new skills.


Students then go to lunch.


When students come back to their classroom, they get ready for Cave, which is a quiet time to finish independent work. Many students utilize this time to read or write, but they can work on anything as long as it’s educational and quiet. Another example of this is i-Ready, which is an online tool that adapts to what the student knows and what they need to grow on to best teach them the topic.


Students go to writing after Cave. They are currently working on writing a character story where they create a fictional character and a backstory, and write a story centering around them. Students are also working on sentence structure – capitalization, punctuation, and the parts of a sentence: subject and predicate. These skills help them better get their thoughts and ideas across in a written form.


After writing, they have an afternoon body break, where they can once again have a quick snack and socialize a little bit. On some days, in place of this, they have Minds In Motion, which is PE (Physical Education).

In science, students are learning about the five senses, life cycles, and some classes are learning about nocturnal animals. During Art, students work on creative projects using a variety of materials to get them to think outside of the box.


At the end of the day, students go to Closing Meeting, which similar to Morning Meeting, except it’s at the end of the day. Students share their Glows and Grows – things that they did great on, and things they need to improve on. 


Students are then walked to the gate at the end of the day by their LED.