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Biztown: Bringing Business to 5th Grade By: Maxwell C., Tevin S., Ian W., and Luke V.

Education is important. But beyond academics, people need jobs, often, students are uneducated on life skills required to thrive after school. Design39Campus gives students an upper hand by allowing them to learn about what it takes to become financially savvy in life. In 5th grade, students have the opportunity to take a field trip to Junior Achievement Biztown. 

What is Biztown?

Biztown is a place designed for 5th graders to go and learn about business. To prepare for the field trip, the 5th graders at Design39 learn about finance and business. Then, about a few weeks before the field trip, students will apply for “jobs,” using the skills they learned over the past few months. At Biztown, students work for 5-6 hours in a simulation where they work as citizens of Biztown.

Being a citizen is the most important part of Biztown. In order to create an immersive, comprehensive simulation, students must work with every resource they have, acting as a citizen. Students can also interview to become Mayor, where they will be in charge of the inner workings of Biztown. 

How Students Prepare for Biztown 

To prepare for Biztown, LEDs teach students about the four significant parts of finance: financial literacy, community and economy, work readiness, and business management. These four aspects are important to understand, in order to be successful in one’s Biztown experience, and even later in life! LEDs also teach students how to create a job application or resume, write checks, and use credit cards.

Why These Skills are Important

This field trip to Biztown is important because of how it teaches students the importance of getting a job and being a good citizen. These skills learned along the way give these students an upper hand when applying for jobs. 

Teachers have been taking students to Biztown ever since this school opened. This proves the importance of the field trip, as this program has stood the test of time. 

Trips to Biztown usually occur as early as Fall and as late as mid-Spring. This year, 5th graders will go to Biztown in late October. This year’s students are very excited to go!

Students in Ms. Cotrell’s Class preparing for Biztown

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Mrs. Eveleth – Teacher
Ms. Bartow – Teacher
Ever – Student
Nikolay – Student
Annika – Student
Cyrus – Student
Sasika – Student
Nathan – Student