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What If

By: Max M.

Have you ever wondered what if things never happened or existed? Well, this article will explore some fascinating ‘what if’ questions. There will be questions like; What if the Big Bang never happened, what-if humans never existed, and what if aliens invaded Earth? 

The first ‘what if’ question will be explained: ‘What if the Big Bang never happened?” The Big Bang was an enormous expansion (not an explosion) created by a singularity – a point of extreme density and heat (“How did the universe begin? How will it end?). Before the Big Bang, there was no space at all, but soon a speck of matter and energy expanded and was compressed together until all the matter of our universe flowed out. Though it may seem as though the Big Bang is the cause of the universe, it is the universe’s expansion because the universe was ‘pushed’ into a dense ball of heat and pressure.

  ‘What if the Big Bang never happened?’ The Big Bounce theory suggests there had been a previous universe that had collapsed into a singularity and created another universe. If the Big Bang had never happened, the Big Bounce theory proposes that there would still be a universe because the previous universe bounced back into expansion. The next idea that will help explain this what-if question is the Steady State Theory. This theory explains that there was always a universe, no beginning, and no end, which means there was no before and no after. According to the Steady State theory, there was never a Big Bang. But, this theory is questionable.

The next question is, ‘What if humans never existed or evolved?’ Humans are mammals and the most intelligent species on Earth. They evolved from a fish that used its fins to pull itself to land and created all land animals, including chimpanzees. Chimpanzees eventually evolved into hominids or humans.

Humans have polluted the environment with their creations, so if humans never existed or evolved into what they are today, pollution would never have existed and animals that died from a “bad” atmosphere would still be here. On the contrary, humans helped create new species and life, as well as helping endangered animals. Humans help some species by keeping them in captivity and protecting critically endangered animals. Also, when plants get farmed in soil, the soil flourishes with the nutrients from the plant. If humans never evolved, then some things, like pollution, would be different and other positive things, such as types of animals, wouldn’t exist.

Finally, the last ‘what if’ question is ‘What if aliens invaded Earth?’ Aliens are extraterrestrial beings and are foreign to the planet Earth. Just like in Ancient Indians, aliens are cut off from communication, so they developed their speaking system and religion. Ancient India is surrounded by tall mountains, such as the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, as well as large bodies of water which cut India off from the rest of the world. Aliens are from a different planet, so the vast universe is what cuts aliens off from communication. So, some things that we do regularly might be odd to them. Also, the government may try to capture the aliens to test on and study, and the aliens might resent by attacking us. In 1985, the US and Russian governments came together in case of an alien invasion because of this reason. If aliens did invade Earth, governments will be ready.

What-if questions like these can help you understand the world better and think harder about other topics you are interested in. So go out and research them, instead of just wondering. 

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