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Middle School Time Management

By: Isabella S. and Saanvi P.

One significant difference from 5th to 6th grade is the homework load. While most teachers claim that the homework load in 6th grade is similar to that of 5th grade,  the students, on the other hand, disagree. While it is true that whatever work you don’t complete in class is considered homework, the work given in 6th grade is much more demanding than in 5th grade. 7th-grade student Brent Jones says, “We’d get assignments every other day. The assignments become more demanding.” The quality expected for each assignment has much higher standards  compared to sixth grade. In sixth grade, you have four core classes and 30 minutes each of homework for all of them. However, some courses have less homework than others, or some may have more. 

When overwhelmed with the amount of homework you might have, Ms. DiGiovanna, a 7th-grade teacher, suggests working with friends or talking to an LED. In addition, she said, “Try it first and then worry about the mistakes. Don’t stress about doing it perfectly the first time.” Our counselor Ms. A also recommends talking with an LED or counselor. She reminds us that “…homework is just a way to help you practice. Over 30 mins of homework is the time to stop.” 

Time management is planning how to divide your time among tasks. Good time management means finding the best solution to complete chores or assignments within a certain time frame. For example, 7th-grade students said good time management helps ensure their assignments are turned in efficiently and on time. Zahra Kitabi, a 7th grade student said, “It ensures my assignments aren’t late. It helps me control my emotions when I am overwhelmed. It helps me manage the amount of schoolwork I have to do.” When Counselor Ms. A was asked what time management tips she has, she said students should find solutions that work best for them. She uses a planner but says, “… one system won’t work for everyone; find what’s special for you.” To help prevent procrastination, 7th grader Charlie Zwickilton believes starting a little bit of the project can help you to determine how long it could take to finish, managing your time better. 

Procrastination is avoiding tasks until right before or after due dates. No matter how good you are at schoolwork, procrastination can still occur. First, you may think, ‘I don’t feel like doing it; I’m not in the right mood.’ Then, slowly but surely, the project turns into five days, four days, three days, and finally, the project is due tomorrow. Finally, due to procrastination, you try to cram finishing your project into one night. How did this happen? When you convince yourself to wait for the right time to work on something, it’s easy to put it off until the last second. 

Parting Advice from Authors:

Saanvi: Be happy because grades don’t define your worth. No college checks your middle school grades, so use this to figure out what study strategy works for you. Use this time to develop good habits that will carry you through high school, college, and later life. 

Izzy: Relax and remember to try your best. Tests are to show your teachers what you do and do not know. Feel comfortable reaching out for help if you’re ever struggling because the teachers and counselors are there to help. 

Brent Jones – 7th Grader
Ms. DiGiovanna – 7th Grade Teacher
Ms. A – Middle School Counselor
Zahra Kitabi – 7th Grader
Charlie Zwickilton – 7th Grader
Procrastination: Why It Happens and How to Overcome It